Live: Made for TV Witch Hunt

Watching NBC News coverage of the January 6th committee, it’s hard to ignore that this is specifically “made for television”.

Lester Holt’s grim tone, the hyperbole by Bennie Thompson, (D-MS) describing the “broken” capital police officers, all that’s missing is dramatic music.

Holt uses words like “insurrection”, which is factually and legally inaccurate, “chilling”, “attack”, “overpower”, and “false claims” to immediately lay a dramatic groundwork.

Thompson has gone on to talk in length about the Civil War, and Abraham Lincoln to attempt to paint this incident as racial in nature.

The slant here is palpable, and hard to ignore.

Still, I’ve heard nothing besides the same democratic talking points that have been regurgitated the last couple years.

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What is hilarious to me is how the dems talk about the election being over and Trump losing, when the dems took election results to the Supreme Court!

This is clearly NOTHING more than a made for TV attempt to discredit Trump and shift the focus from Biden’s failing administration.

To this point, this is a smear job, full of drama and hyperbole. Forgive me if I swoon and clutch my pearls. Be prepared kids, we are about to be painted as dangerous insurrection and white supremacists. More coming.

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