Liz Warren Falsely Claims That She's The Only 2020 Dem With Executive Branch Experience

Democrat Elizabeth Warren has once again been caught fibbing, this time telling Iowa voters that she is the only 2020 candidate with executive branch experience. 

While getting in some time in Iowa before the trial of President Trump removes her from the campaign trail for an indefinite period, the Massachusetts senator blatantly lied to her audience about why she is uniquely qualified for the nation's highest office. 


According to Warren: "I think, I'm the only one running for president whose actually been on the executive side..."

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This should come as news to Joe Biden whose executive resume includes eight years as Barack Obama's vice president which trumps the short time that Warren spent heading up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Via The Washington Examiner, "Warren claims she is the only person running with executive experience":

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she was the only White House hopeful who has spent any time in the executive branch on government at an Iowa rally, seemingly forgetting about a number of her rivals.

The remarks came after an audience member asked her when she plans on using presidential authority for some of her policy agenda instead of relying on Congress.

"That's a really good question. Let me remind you, I think, I'm the only one running for president whose actually been on the executive side," Warren said Friday evening. "Remember, after the consumer agency was passed into law, Barack Obama, President Obama, asked me to set it up. So I set up a federal agency. We effectively went from two employees the day I walked in the door to about 1000 and spent a year getting it up and operational."

Warren was charged with leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2010, though she later left the agency in 2011 after failing to be confirmed by the Senate. Warren's comments also overlooked a number of other Democrats seeking their party's nomination — most notably former Vice President Joe Biden, who served under Obama for eight years.

This latest falsehood further cements Senator Warren's well-earned reputation as a liar, a characteristic that has marked her career in both academia and politics. 

Her desperate efforts to pull her campaign out of the death spiral that it has entered included an obviously coordinated scheme with CNN to accuse fellow 2020 candidate and onetime ally Bernie Sanders of sexism by alleging that the braying old socialist claimed that a woman couldn't win the presidency. 

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Warren is most famous for misrepresenting her ancestry for decades by claiming that she is a Native American and therefore deserving of preferential treatment that would put her at an advantage over others who truly were of Indian heritage. 

Those claims were decimated when a DNA test proved that she has 1/1,024th Native American blood which technically allows her to claim that she is still part Indian and therefore not a liar but falls far short of what she claimed to curry favorable treatment. 

While the media has conveniently forgotten and her fellow Dems have been reluctant to play that particular card, Warren is a serial liar who cranks out more Whoppers than Burger King. 

This is yet one more example.