LOL: DeSantis Says He Views Media Criticism as “Positive Feedback”

DeSantis, obviously taking pages out of the Trump playbook, is growing more and more “based” by the day.

Whereas his RINO colleagues, such as Governor Kemp of Georgia, seem intent on bending the knee to the radical left and selling out the conservatives that put them in office, he’s waging a no-holds-barred fight against the left.

From Big Tech to illegal immigration, DeSantis is touching all the third rails that he’s not supposed to, proving that a backbone is the perfect antidote to the leftist fury that so troubles other Republicans.

Recently, he proved that yet again, discussing on FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” how he stands up to media criticism of his pro-American, pro-Florida policies. Here’s what he said:

When you’re over the target, they are going to come at you. I view it as positive feedback. If the corporate press nationally isn’t attacking me, then I’m probably not doing my job.

So, the fact they are attacking me is a good indication that, you know what, I’m tackling the big issues.

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We’re going after Critical Race Theory. We’re fighting back against Biden’s mandates, we’re fighting back against the illegal immigration — all those things that a vast majority of Floridians and Americans want to see done, but that does threaten the ruling class and the regime.

And so, when you stand up in this day and age that we’re in, when you’re speaking the truth, those folks do not want that to get out, and so they are going to throw arrows at you.”

But I think what we have been able to show is if you stand your ground if you lead, if you don’t back down and just stand for the right things, there is a groundswell of folks who will have your back, and that ultimately is what it is all about.”

DeSantis is right; they’re attacking him because he’s flaying their sacred cows, demolishing CRT, the illegal immigration networks, and Brandon’s ridiculous Covid policies.

Were he not the focus of media criticism (as RINO governors like Noem and Kemp normally aren’t), then all that would mean is that he wasn’t effectively taking on the left.

The fact that the media freaks out about him to such a large degree is a positive signal. A very positive one.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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