LOL: Florida Dems Angry at DeSantis for Sending Migrants to East Coast Voted for Budget to Make It Happen

In another example of phony outrage and hypocrisy courtesy of the Democrat Party, a cadre of Florida Democrats are expressing shock (utter shock!) and outrage over Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ sending illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, conveniently forgetting that they had actually voted to pass the state budget which set aside at least $12 million to fund a program to, well, send illegal migrants out of state.

What has been dubbed the “Freedom First” budget was signed by DeSantis in June. This budget encompasses a myriad of issues and initiatives, including investments in education and law enforcement, and provides such things as tax holidays. Explicitly stated in the budget is a portion of the total amount to be set aside to create “… a $12 million program within the Florida Department of Transportation to facilitate the transport of unauthorized aliens out of Florida”:

Yet, some of Florida’s Democrat lawmakers who voted for the budget are now taking DeSantis to task on social media (where else?) for the migrant transport, calling him and his abiding by the passed budget “authoritarian,” “cruel,” and “disgusting.” For some reason, they don’t like a governor who keeps his word.

Let’s look at some of the tweets posted by these shocked and outraged public servants as compiled by Breitbart:

“No compassion whatsoever. Just depravity from an authoritarian governor seeking to score cheap political points with ultra MAGAs who think traumatizing vulnerable people and children is some kind of game,” said Rep. Carlos Smith who voted in favor of the budget.

“GOP politicians along with alt-right media outlets are using public money to traffic immigrants. It’s disgusting, un-American and shameful. Imagine how much good we could do if they approached comprehensive immigration reform w/the same fervor they have for attacking immigrants,” tweeted State Rep. Anna Eskamani who also voted in favor of the Freedom First budget.

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Others complained that the language within the state budget is complex, and in order to get the good things you like passed, you have to put up with elements you do not like. Yet State Rep. Angie Nixon (D), another voter in favor of the budget, called for DeSantis to get “locked up” for what she equates as a political stunt:

“The budget is complex. And we don’t want to risk even more harm to our communities because y’all are vindictive, so we vote in favor of the good aspects of it. Don’t get on here with your clown behavior. What y’all did was cruel and inhumane. I hope your boss gets locked up!”

Even Florida Senate Democrat Leader and DeSantis nemesis Lauren Book said it was “puzzling” that the state is spending money to transfer illegals out of state, yet she, too, voted in favor of the budget, and the language providing funds for this action is clear.

DeSantis himself publicly spoke about the migrant transfer program and his intention to include it in the budget well before it passed. He had expressed hope that the state legislature would allocate money towards the program late last year, and the legislature did just that in the final version of the budget. DeSantis had originally asked for $8 million for the program but received more. In a prescient statement that in retrospect was a warning to sanctuary cities and states, DeSantis said:

“It’s somewhat tongue in cheek, but it is true, if you sent them to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day,” he added.

More disturbing than the hypocrisy of Democrat politicians is that they are not outraged over the fentanyl crisis, human and sex trafficking, drug cartel murders, abandoned children crossing the border, extortion by human smugglers, all connected to the porous southern border that border czar Kamala Harris insists is “closed.”

It just took 50 migrants dropped in exclusive Democrat stronghold Martha’s Vineyard for them to respond, most likely taking orders from the higher-ups in the party.

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