LOL! Hillary Clinton Rips Trump's Coronavirus Response, Claiming 'I Would Have Done a Better Job'

Wow, who knew Hillary Clinton – two-time Democratic presidential loser and destroyer of subpoenaed classified emails – had a sense of humor after all?

As readers know, the response of President Donald Trump’s administration to the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of spectacular.


When the outbreak began to spread far beyond the borders of China, from whence it came, into Europe and was enroute to the United States, Trump immediately cut off travel from China, for which he was labeled a racist bigot.

He then convened a coronavirus task force, appointing his very capable vice president, Mike Pence, to lead. 

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He and members of his government also began to respond very quickly to requests for assistance, especially from the U.S. epicenter in New York state and New York City, dispatching the USNS Comfort naval hospital ship and the Army Corps of Engineers to build a large-capacity field hospital at the Javits Center.

In fact, the Corps established scores of field hospitals all over the country – most of which were either lightly used or never used because the coronavirus wasn’t the planet killer the goofball ‘professors’ with their bogus pandemic models all said it would be.

Also, under the president’s leadership and guidance, scores of American companies came together to build thousands of respirators, devise and produce quick-acting (and accurate) coronavirus tests, distribute supplies, and ensure that the country’s logistical supply chain of personal protective equipment was restored and ramped up.

All of which took some time, of course, because these kinds of national responses always do. The USA is a big place with about 330 million people.

But not nearly as much time as it could have taken.

Still, if “President” Hillary were in charge, things would have happened a lot faster. 

Just ask her (as if anyone actually did).

Fox Business Network reports:

Hillary Clinton lambasted President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak, accusing her one-time 2016 rival of exacerbating the economic pain of the pandemic and related shutdown.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that was published on Friday, Clinton argued she would have done a "better job" in managing the crisis — including preventing some of the economic damage inflicted by the virus lockdown — had she defeated Trump during the election almost four years ago.

"We wouldn't have been able to stop the pandemic at our borders the way that Trump claimed in the beginning, but we sure could have done a better job saving lives, modeling better, more responsible behavior," Clinton said. "I don't think we necessarily should have had as deep an economic assault on livelihoods and jobs as we have. So I know I would have done a better job."

Where to begin?

First of all, what’s this ‘we’ business? President Trump didn’t need a crowd or group of people to act. He heard from his advisers, got the information, and then made decisions without hesitation, the way presidents are supposed to do.

The modeling did not come from the Trump administration. It came from some lame brain prof named Neil Ferguson at Imperial College in London, which was picked up by nearly every government around the world after it wrongly predicted literally millions of deaths in the U.S. alone.

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If Clinton is suggesting she would have used a different model – you know, to be more ‘responsible’ – she needs to tell us which one it would have been. 

Finally, as for the “deep economic assault’ on the country, Trump literally issued no shutdown orders. States did, and not all states, at that. 

For a presidential wannabe, Hillary Clinton sure makes a great comedian.