HILARIOUS: Kari Lake Expresses GRATITUDE As Liz Cheney Vows To Campaign AGAINST Her

Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, appreciated Liz Cheney, who vowed to do everything possible to ensure that Kari Lake does not win the gubernatorial election. She added that she would continually campaign against her and even support the democrats, all to ensure that Kari Lake becomes as bitter as she is.

Two notable people in America excessively give themselves more credit than they deserve. One is dear Hilary Clinton, who believes she has a significant influence despite failing to get elected twice. The other person, of course, is Cheney, who believes she is an important person for some misguided reason.

At this point, Cheney still identifying as a Republican politician is outright annoying. No one wants her even in the GOP, because she has positioned herself as a public menace. It is no news that Cheney harbors deep feelings of insecurity which is why she has continuously tried to go against Trump to make herself feel better but has only ridiculously failed.

It is amusing how Cheney, who could not even win a primary election against a Trump-backed candidate, believes she has some quality that gives her an advantage over Trump.

Cheney gave her ‘endorsements’ to Kari Lake at the Texas Tribune Festival, held in Austin on Saturday. The failed politician referred to Lake as a dangerous election denier who should be stopped at all costs as she would only destroy the nation. She said, “In this election, you have to vote for the person who actually believes in democracy.

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Lake responded to Cheney as she appeared on the Fox show “Sunday Morning Futures.” She said, “That might be the biggest, best gift I’ve ever received,” Lake quipped. “I mean, the people of Wyoming can’t stand her, I’m pretty much sure that the people of Arizona don’t like Liz Cheney.”

Lake continued, “Here’s the deal, Maria. The Republican party, the new Republican party is the party of ‘We The People,’ it is no longer the party of warmongers. And so, Liz Cheney should probably change her voter registration. Turns out she really is a Democrat after all.”

In addition, Cheney, who expressed hatred for Kari lake mostly because she has Trump’s backing, was asked if she would campaign for Katie Hobbs, Lake’s opponent, to ensure that Lake loses the election.

Cheney clarified that she would do whatever it takes to ensure that Trump-backed candidates, including Harriet Hageman, who defeated her in the primaries, do not emerge as winners in the general elections.

Kari Lake reacted to Cheney’s comment via Twitter as she commented that Cheney would not have lost her elections so ridiculously if she had put in half the effort she is currently putting into the upcoming elections.

Moving on, Cheney was asked if she would prefer democrats holding most of the seats in the House after the November elections, and the politician with misplaced priorities could not give a straight answer.

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