LOL VIDEO: Jesse Watters Jokes About What He Thinks Trump Wrote In His Letter To Biden

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Five” on Fox News, Jesse Watters read a parody letter of what he thinks President Trump’s letter to Biden said, and it was absolutely hilarious.

As you know, it’s tradition for the President to leave a letter for the incoming administration in order to wish them well. According to Biden, Trump’s letter was “generous”.

Jesse Watters had another idea.

“We do have some news that I’m going to break here. Some of my sources have read the letter that the President left for Joe Biden in the resolute desk,” Watters joked.

“It says ‘Dear Joe, to make you feel at home, I drew you a map to show you how to get to the basement. You’re welcome,” he begins as the co-hosts start to catch on to the joke.

I don’t have any advice for you since I just went with my instincts here every day. I have great instincts as you well know, thats why I fired Comey. Here’s a little heads up. Space force was actually a joke, but it caught on so we kind of just went with it. P.S. Thanks for building the cages, don’t touch the wall, I boogie-trapped it. Love, 45,” Watters hilariously concluded.

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As mentioned above, President Trump did in fact leave a letter for Biden, although we don’t yet know the contents of the letter.

Biden said the letter was “generous”.

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