LOL VIDEO: Jim Acosta Gets BOOED LIKE CRAZY After Badgering Trump About January 6th

On Wednesday, fake news reporter Jim Acosta shouted questions at President Trump during his visit to the Texas border, and things turned ugly fast.

As Trump was wrapping up his joint press conference with Texas Governor Abbott, Acosta screamed a question at Trump, asking if he will ever “apologize” for January 6th.

“Mr. Trump, will you apoloigize about January 6th!?”, Acosta screamed.

“BOOOOOO!!!!!”, the crowd responded.

When Trump looked up, he simply smiled and gave a “thumbs up”, which trolled Acosta in the best way possible.

Watch this marvelous moment below:

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Acosta couldn’t help but follow Trump to Texas. Since Trump left office, Acosta’s relevance (even in the liberal community) has taken a devastating nosedive.

The poor guy used to get daily praise and adulation from the radical left by disrupting Trump press conferences at every turn. It seemed to send a thrill up his leg any time he could cause even the smallest disturbance with Trump.

Now, however, he seems to be lacking purpose in life since Trump has left the White House.

What is your reaction to Jim Acosta’s outburst? Comment below with your response…

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