LOL VIDEO: Student Claims Ben Shapiro Is Only 5’5, Then The Crowd ERUPTS When They Stand Next To Each Other

On Monday, Young America’s Foundation held a live event at Florida State featuring Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire. During a Q&A session, a student took the microphone and attempted to troll Ben Shapiro for his height. The moment turned out to be an instant “Shapiro Classic”.

“Um, how come you claim to be 5’9 even though you’re like 5’5?,” the student asked, eliciting groans from the crowd.

“How tall are you?” Shapiro asked with confidence.

“I’m *actually* 5’9”, the student replied.

“Okay come over here, let’s see”, Shapiro says.

As the student walked toward the stage, the crowd began clapping, anticipating the final “height showdown”. When the student hopped on stage and stood next to Shapiro, they were basically the same exact height. In fact, Shapiro looked a tad taller than the young man.

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The crowd proceeded to erupt with laughter and applause.

Watch the hilarious moment here:

After being proven wrong, the student shook Shapiro’s hand and went on his way.

All Shapiro could to do at that point was laugh.

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