LOL: Watch the “My Son Hunter” Trailer that’s Gone Viral, Taken the Internet by Storm

What’s better than a good joke or two about the president’s formerly crack-addicted, influence peddling, hooker hiring, stripper impregnating son? Well, a dozen jokes is even better. But better than even that is what just came out, which is the trailer for the upcoming film “My Son Hunter.”

If you’re already in a “safe space” where you can watch a video and share a deep belly laugh at Hunter’s expense, go ahead and watch the video here:

As could be expected of something making fun of the crackhead son of the president that bizarrely videotapes or takes picture of seemingly every illegal thing he does, the “My Son Hunter” trailer has gone viral, racking up a whopping 3.5 million views.

And that’s incredible because the video was only released on the night of the 25th, as the creators of the film announced on Twitter after dropping the clip on Truth Social. Announcing the release of the full, theatrical trailer, they said: “BREAKING: The full trailer of “My Son Hunter” was released exclusively on Truth Social tonight. Pre-Order the Hunter Biden Movie now and reserve your copy:

If you go to the website linked in the post, it hilariously lists all the various crimes of Hunter’s that the film portrays, saying “WARNING! This motion picture contains: Sex, Prostitution, Drugs, Cronyism, Money Laundering, More Sex, a Laptop from Hell, Chinese Spies, Ukrainian “Businessmen,” the CCP, the Selling Out of America, the Big Guy, Corn Pop, More Sex, Additional Drugs, and…Family“.

Sounds about right for Hunter Biden. Maybe crack cocaine should have been named specifically, but all the other stuff seems just about on point. Particularly the bit about Cornpop. And I don’t know about you, but the idea of seeing Corn Pop on the silver screen is just too good to pass up.

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Donald Trump Jr. recently commented on Hunter’s activities as portrayed in “My Son Hunter” at a Truth Social event for the film, saying:

If I was Hunter Biden, I’d be in jail. You know, I’m probably the most deposed-slash-subpoenaed human being/civilian in the history of the U.S. Government. They’ve done countless hours, nothing there—literally nothing or you would have heard about it by now, and I’d be in jail.

But Hunter is a Biden and a Democrat, and so he doesn’t seem to be in much trouble at all, if any, regarding his involvement in schemes and activities that would have gotten any normal person tossed in a dark hole somewhere. Sounds about right…

Peter Schweizer, a writer who had done groundbreaking work on exposing the Biden family’s corruption, spoke out about the movie and the Biden family as well, saying: “You literally have the most powerful family in the United States taking money from our sworn rivals’ and taking it from four businessmen who are linked with Chinese intelligence.”

Perhaps Hunter will get away with all he did. In fact, given the FBI’s focus on the bad orange man and ignoring of his crimes, that seems likely. But at least this trailer and film will keep people laughing at his expense and the Biden family’s crimes in the minds of the American people.

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