Look What Left-Wing Group Is Now Jamming K-12 Radical Gender Theory With

According to a new report from The Daily Wire, a radical left-wing group that is behind a whopping 4,000 LGBTQ clubs and student groups in K-12 schools apparently found their teaching on gender theory was not far left enough so they have now started to combine that language with anti-cop and anti-capitalist rhetoric.

See, folks? This is not at all about helping kids to grow and understand homosexuals and transgender folks, providing safe places for them to get to know each other, or whatever lie they are telling people to be supportive of these groups in schools.

It’s all about indoctrination with the core tenets of Socialism. That much should be painfully obvious with this new report. Why do kids in an LGBTQ group need to be discussing anti-capitalist thought? Think about it for a second.

Here are some of the details from the report:

The report from writer and activist Christopher Rufo cites documents from the left-wing nonprofit activist group GSA Network, an umbrella organization that encompasses more than 4,000 “gender and sexuality” alliances in schools in 40 states nationwide. The organization, which has an annual budget of more than $2 million, nonprofit tracker Guidestar notes, espouses the tenets of radical gender theory, but it also promotes defunding law enforcement, “decolonization and reparations” for minorities, and anti-capitalism.

“The individual chapters, which operate in elementary, middle, and high schools, often use the language of ‘LGBTQ inclusion’ and ‘anti-bullying’ in their public relations, but behind the scenes, the central organization is driven by pure left-wing radicalism that extends far beyond sexuality,” Rufo reported.

The GSA Network relies on “programming” students in order to adequately participate in the group, Rufo notes. One of the documents obtained by Rufo is a toolkit for students to organize their GSA clubs online. The toolkit instructs students to engage in “self work,” which involves the student engaging in a self-examination of his or her inherent systemic racial or gender privilege, how those privileges contribute to the oppression of LGBTQ people and people of color, and how he or she can combat their privilege in order to more effectively “commit to dismantling these systems for collective liberation.”

The toolkit put together by the group also instructs students to look at their own reason for engaging in self-work in order to help them “stay committed to liberation.” The kit then goes on to tell kids that “self work happens everywhere — not just in a GSA meeting.”

Included is an appendix with a sample rubric for students to examine their privileges and how they contribute to oppression of minority groups. The rubric is divided into five rows: “Groups with systemic power (privilege),” which includes straight people, cisgender people, men, and white people; “Systems of oppression,” which includes white supremacy, patriarchy, and imperialism; oppressed groups, which include transgender people, black and indigenous people; prejudice, which is described as “a preconceived idea about a group with no factual backing”; and discrimination, or “the actions and ways folks are affected by the system.”

How can anyone not look at that information and see the indoctrination that is happening to children who are part of these groups? It seems very obvious. Again, this is about turning your child into a progressive who will undermine American values and principles, functioning as a foot soldier of sorts to help usher in an ideological revolution that could destroy everything this country stands for.

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Rufo also managed to obtain another document which is a nine-point manifesto of sorts that the GSA Network has borrowed from another organization known as the National Trans Youth Council, which GSA is using “to guide our collective vision for gender justice and liberation.”

A lot of the material in the manifesto is borrowed from other popular radical activist groups such as the Black Panther Party’s Ten-Point Program.

Here are the nine points:

  1. We Call for the Right to Self-Determination and Control of Our Destinies
  2. We Call for the Abolition of the Police, ICE, Borders and the Judicial System
  3. We Call for an End to Disposability Politics and a Commitment to Transformative Justice
  4. We Call for an End of the Cisgender Heterosexual Patriarchy
  5. We call for Decolonization and Reparations for all Indigenous and Black Peoples
  6. We Call for Comprehensive Education that Reflects our Histories and Needs
  7. We Call for an End to Global White Supremacy
  8. We Call for Land Justice and Environmental Justice
  9. We Invite our Comrades, Accomplices and Allies to Join Us

There’s a lot to unpack there, isn’t there?

Am I the only one who is absolutely chilled to the bone concerning the teachings in this manifesto? I mean, come on. They’re even using classic socialist and communist language. Who uses the word “comrade” non-ironically these days?

Be aware of what your kids are doing at school, along with who is teaching them and what they are being taught.

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