Lunacy: NJ Teachers Union Demanding Weekly COVID Tests, 'Door-to-Door' Masks for Students

The ongoing Left-wing fearmongering over the coronavirus continues reaching new levels of insanity by the day.

As the 2020 school year approaches, it’s become obvious that the Marxist cultural warriors seeking to undo our founding and oust President Donald Trump are exploiting the virus for political gain: Namely, the continual reordering our American society in an authoritarian mold.


First, it was masks – only wearing a mask will save us from certain death and ‘allow us’ to reopen our economy, despite the growing body of research proving that the vast majority of masks (and all ‘cloth coverings’) are wholly inadequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Now, the Left is using the administration’s push to reopen schools this fall as a political cudgel: Making kids at home further weakens the base of knowledge, retards their social development, and places greater economic hardship on parents who either have to stay at home with them or pay someone else to do it.

And you know, we can’t have the same booming economy in November that Trump built prior to the pandemic.

But, instead of outright refusing to open, the Marxists have to appear to be ‘reasonable’ – no matter how outrageous their conditions in the reopening of schools.

Case in point: The New Jersey public school teachers union is demanding that all students be masked at all times – “door to door” – while on school grounds. Also, the union is demanding that all students be tested for coronavirus once a week, even though the tests are becoming known for providing both false positives and false negatives.

The plan was outed by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who seems to have taken up the ‘coronavirus for the truth’ cause (which is a good thing).

But it’s not just the fact that these demands are ludicrous. They are also not based on ‘the science.’

We’ve already covered the fact that masks aren’t effective; in fact, N95 masks are the only ones that stop the coronavirus molecule. And we know that testing is far from accurate. 

Now, additional research shows that children are not the planet-killing coronavirus “super spreaders” the breathless (and dishonest) mainstream media claim they are.

In late June, Berenson posted a report from the Dutch public health institution which found that kids are at roughly zero risk from contracting COVID-109 “and at miniscule risk of spreading it.” 

He noted that “schools are now fully open in the Netherlands.”

And in early May, he posted information from a top Australian health official who said that researchers in his country discovered the same thing regarding children and the potential to spread the virus.

"The national position remains that face-to-face teaching is safe, particularly given the very current low rates of community transmission of SARS-Cov-2,” Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth said, using the official name of the coronavirus.

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“By contrast, there is plenty of public health evidence that stopping face-to-face teaching can damage society,” he continued. “It is clear that this intervention (school closures) can cause harm, but the benefits (on disease transmission) are unknown, and likely to be marginal when the disease burden is low.”

‘The science’ is getting clearer: Reopening schools won’t produce mass coronavirus death.