Lyin’ Liz Cheney Makes Outrageous Claim about those Who Don’t Support Her

Many Republicans don’t support Liz Cheney, the House of Representatives delegate from Wyoming who, despite being reasonably conservative in how she votes, became a noted critic and attacker of former President Donald Trump.

She’s part of the January 6th witch hunt, voted to impeach Trump, and now is slandering those who don’t like her as Putin apologists.

Yes, really; she can’t get it through her thick, neocon skull that people dislike her because of her anti-Trump proclivities, so she’s going to the Clinton Campaign strategy and blaming the Russians.

To do so, she unleashed her snake-like spokesman, Jeremy Adler, on those who have backed her primary opponent. He, tweeting out his attack, said:

A leader with honor would be rejecting – not protecting – the pro-Putin, anti-Semitic, white nationalist members of the party, instead of fighting against Liz Cheney for telling the truth.

Apparently, anyone who wants a Republican that will stick with the GOP rather than attacking a very conservative and inspiring president is doing so because they side with white nationalists and Putin. Good to know!

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Liz, capitalizing on Adler’s absurd insult, tweeted the ridiculous insult in a post of her own, betraying her leftist sympathies by including a CNN article alongside it:

Apparently, what precipitated Adler’s vicious attack on pro-Trump, anti-Cheney Republicans was McCarthy’s backing of Harriet Hageman, Liz’s primary challenger. As the Federalist reported, McCarthy backed Hageman, saying:

After spending time with Harriet, it is readily apparent she will always listen and prioritize the needs of her local communities and is focused on tackling our nation’s biggest problems. I look forward to serving with Harriet for years to come.

Adler, at the time, responded by saying “Wow, she must be really desperate.”

Given that Hageman hasn’t resorted to calling her opponents while nationalists, it looks much more like Lyin Liz is the desperate one, not Hageman.

The Daily Caller, describing why McCarthy chose to back Hageman, reports that:

McCarthy explained that he believes the best way to move forward with both Cheney and Kinzinger is to help people who are running for their seats. For example, McCarthy endorsed Cheney’s primary opponent, Harriet Hageman, in February and told the Caller that over 100 Republican members will be supporting Hageman at an event at the end of March.

The Republican leader also argued that Cheney simply has not been doing any work for the people of Wyoming. McCarthy also mentioned Kinzinger will not be running again and is just waiting out his time in Congress. He also made it clear that it is up to voters to decide who gets to come to Congress and that he and leadership get to focus on who stays in leadership.

Hopefully, Hageman will win and do a much better job of representing the people of Wyoming and pushing forward conservative priorities. Compared with Liz Cheney, it would be hard for her to not do an exceedingly good job of accomplishing both.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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