Mail-In Ballots So Ripe for Fraud that Even Europeans Ban Them

Don’t Democrats regularly lecture us that America out to be more like Europe? Yes, they do, and that’s because Europeans live under a system of quasi-democracy and socialism that Democrats love because it is a system that empowers government over the people.

But every now and then the Democrats are right – we should be more like our European cousins, especially when it comes to voting and coronavirus.


You wouldn’t know this if you got all of your news from ‘mainstream’ sources, but the fact is, schools in Europe have reopened even though the coronavirus pandemic persists. And the reopening of European schools has gone just fine: No mass deaths of children or teachers. 

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And while Europeans have not committed to the dumbing down of an entire generation of young people over a disease that has been widely politicized in America, they also don’t have much use for mail-in balloting.

Why? Because it’s ripe for fraud

Not only that, but the Europeans also tend to want to know who’s voting and that they’re allowed to vote.

According to Prof. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Center, via The Washington Examiner:

In the European Union, 63% have put a ban on mailing in ballots except for citizens living overseas. Another 22% have imposed a ban even for those overseas. And most of those that allow mail-in ballots require some form of photo ID to get one, according to the report from the Crime Prevention Research Center shared with Secrets.

While politicians in the United States have been debating the pros and cons of mail-in voting due to concerns of spreading COVID-19 at the polls and new reports of postal service and vote counting issues, Lott, whose center is known for its gun research, built a voting database of the European Union and the larger Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries.

“These countries have learned the hard way about what happens when mail-in ballots aren’t secured. They have also discovered how hard it is to detect vote buying when both those buying and selling the votes have an incentive to hide the exchange,” Lott said.

"Liberals and progressives often try to model the U.S. on Western European countries in many ways, but you never hear them arguing that we should adopt their voting rules. There is a reason for that. Banning mail-in voting or requiring people to use photo IDs to obtain a mail-in ballot is quite common in developed countries, especially in Europe," Lott added.

It isn’t as though American political leaders didn’t know this.

Way back in 2005, a bipartisan report by the Commission on Federal Election Reform chaired by former Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former Republican Secretary of State James Baker III concluded unequivocally, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

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"If concern about vote fraud with mail-in ballots is delusional, it is a delusion that is shared by most of the world. Even the countries that allow mail-in ballots have protections, such as government-issued photo IDs," Lott adds.

"But Americans are constantly assured even this step is completely unnecessary. Without basic precautions, our elections are on course to become the laughing stock of the developed world.”

Now you know why Democrats are pushing so hard for mail-in balloting; it’s got less to do with coronavirus and much more to do with the theft of political races.


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