Make-A-Wish Foundation Reluctantly Changes Tune After Refusing Wishes To Unvaccinated Children

The past week, Make-a-Wish Foundation CEO Richard Davis announced that they would resume air travel wishes so long as the terminally-ill child was vaccinated. Now, they are changing their tune after immense public backlash.

“We’ve approached this responsibility with a focus and diligence for your family’s health and safety,” said Davis in a video last week.

“Now we’ve consulted with doctors and medical professionals throughout the National Medical Advisory Council,” he then continued “we’ve been monitoring public health organizations like the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

The organization had stopped granting air travel wishes due to the pandemic early in 2020, and during the video, Davis announced they would here forth resume granting those wishes. However, he said that in order for those wishes to be granted by the foundation, “all wish participants, including your wish kid and any siblings, will need to be two weeks past completion of either a one-dose or a two-dose vaccine.”

Currently, the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine is only available to children ages 12 and older.

It seems, however, that the decision from the foundation had enough of a backlash from the public and parents, to make them backtrack.

Now they have released a new statement in which they said the following;

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“We understand that there are many families whose children aren’t eligible for the vaccine yet, and we also know that there are families who are choosing not to get the vaccine. We respect everyone’s freedom of choice.”

Then they highlighted that “Make-a-Wish will not require anyone to get vaccinated to get a wish.”

They continued in the statement saying that “Any child fighting a critical illness is eligible for Make-A-Wish.”

For terminally ill children, where the clock is ticking, it would be absurd to ask a family that their child needs first to get vaccinated, and then wait two weeks in order to get their wish. Seems the foundation recognized this dilemma and stated that “while it does not reflect the majority of children we serve, we do occasionally serve children whose medical provider has determined that the child will not survive their illness. In time-sensitive situations involving an end-of-life diagnosis, a special process has been and will continue to be in place regardless of vaccination status.”