Man Goes On Stabbing Spree In NYC Subway While De Blasio Paints BLM Murals

While Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is busy painting Black Lives Matter murals across from Trump Tower and shutting down religious gatherings, real crime is taking over his city.

A new viral video shows a horrifying scene where a knife-wielding stranger stabs two men on a Queens subway.


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WATCH the clip below:

Check out what the New York Post reported:

The partially caught on video brawl began on the 7 train when the suspect, Patrick Chambers, 46, shouted at two elderly men sitting across from him, “Why aren’t you home with your kids?” police said.

Chambers then pulled a blade, allegedly slashing and stabbing the men, who are both in their 70s. The mayhem erupted about 7:25 a.m. on July 5 as the train rolled through Sunnyside.

Footage shows the bloody tussle after it began, with the victims on the floor of the train. A woman can be heard shrieking in the background along with a man yelling, “Get off the train!”

The apparent stabber, clad in a black baseball cap, gray tank top and slacks, appears to kick at the men on the floor before walking away to the other end of the subway car — only to return to one of the men, jabbing him at least once with the knife, the clip shows.

Eventually the attacker leaves the train car and a conductor walks through. One of the victims then holds up his bloodied arm for the camera. Both attacker and victims wore face masks to protect against COVID-19.

The victims were removed to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition. The attack comes amid a wave of increasing violence, mostly shootings, across the city.

Chambers was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, two counts of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, which cops recovered from the suspect, police said.

De Blasio has been widely mocked in recent months for his total failure as a mayor considering he seems to care more about "getting" President Trump than keeping the people in his city safe.

De Blasio called for the banning of public gatherings on Thursday during an interview with CNN however on the same day, he decided to make a bogus political statement by painting a "Black Lives Matter" mural in front of Trump Tower.

On the same day as he called for banning public gatherings, de Blasio gathered with a large group outside of Trump Tower in New York City, yelling, “We are saying Black Lives Matter in New York City and Black Lives Matter in the United States of America! Let’s show Donald Trump what he does not understand; let’s paint it right in front of his building for him!” A few hours later, de Blasio joined CNN host Wolf Blitzer, who asked him, “What about protests? If people want to march down FifthAvenue, are they going to be allowed to do so?”

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De Blasio replied, “Look, Wolf, this is always an area of real sensitivity. If you’re just talking about health, we would always say, ‘Hey, folks, you know, stay home if you can.’ But we understand at this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes. I mean, today, in New York City, recognizing the power and the meaning of the message Black Lives Matter, which we did in front of Trump Tower today, this is a historic moment of change; we have to respect that, but also say to people, the kinds of gatherings we’re used to – the parades, the fairs – we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now.”

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