Marjorie Taylor Greene Strikes Back Against Dem Staffer Who Defaced Her Posters

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is striking back against a House Democrat staffer who was busted by Capitol Police on security cameras defacing posters that were outside of her Washington office.

Greene spoke with the folks over at Just the News, where she stated that she felt that she had no other choice but to seek out a protective order — otherwise known as a restraining order — against Timothy Hysom, who works as the chief of staff to Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Jake Auchincloss, due in large part to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington rejecting a request from local police to issue an arrest warrant necessary to charge the staffer.

“Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership don’t believe in protecting me. So I have no other choice but to do whatever I can do to protect myself and protect my staff,” Greene went on to state during an interview she conducted on the Just the News, Not Noise television program.

“Matt Corridoni, a spokesman for Auchincloss, said Tuesday night he believed the order was unnecessary because Hysom has no intention of interacting with the congresswoman,” the report continued.

“Tim has never had direct contact with the congresswoman, nor does he plan to in the future. The order is unnecessary and nothing more than political theater,” he went on to say concerning the incident.

Earlier in the week, Corridoni confirmed that Hysom plastered stickers all over the posters outside of Greene’s office — which stated there are only two genders, as science has confirmed for centuries now — because he believed the messaging of the posters to be “bullying.” He then went on to state that he did not feel that the actions by Hysom violated the law and commented that the request to issue an arrest warrant and file charges was “ridiculous.”

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Now imagine, for a moment, that the tables were turned. How loud would the calls from the left be for a conservative staffer to have the book thrown at them for defacing a pro-abortion poster outside of the office of a Democrat congressperson? They’d be calling for his or her head on a silver platter, labeling them a domestic terrorist and all sorts of things.

Greene went on to state that her concerns have been made worse by the fact she’s received a whopping 60 death threats just this year alone, but has had her request for a security detail denied by House leadership.

“She said she was spooked when Capitol Police and prosecutors briefed her on what they observed about Hysom when he placed stickers, mostly custom-made religious statements quoting the Bible and criticizing Greene’s position on gender, and said she is concerned that Hysom remains allowed to work in the same Longworth Office Building where she and Auchincloss have offices,” Just the News reported.

“I didn’t even know who this person was that was continuing to attack me for months and months,” she explained. “And all I know is he refuses to apologize, He’s doubled down on what he has done.”

“The official police request for an arrest warrant said officers captured Hysom on video surveillance twice defacing the posters in mid-March but believed he was responsible for a total of seven instances going back to January. Capitol Police asked prosecutors for permission to arrest the Democratic staffer on a District of Columbia charge prohibiting the defacing of public or private property and prosecutors declined,” the report continued.

“The Department of Justice refuses to prosecute Tim Hysom, Jake Auchincloss’s chief of staff, even though he’s been caught by Capitol Police, he’s on camera on video twice, attacking the sign, attacking my religion, attacking my gender, and attacking my beliefs on protecting gender and also the beliefs of my district,” the congresswoman said. “And so they refuse to prosecute him. Nancy Pelosi will not provide me with secure security detail, even though they provide themselves with a security detail.”

This staffer needs to be made an example of so others who might feel like defacing someone else’s things will think twice before doing so.



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