Mark Levin Noticed 1 Interesting Detail About Joe Biden's Riot Speech That Most Missed

Conservative radio host and litigator Mark Levin listened to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's speech this week about racial tensions, but he noticed one major thing -- Biden is not ready to be president.

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In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, Levin declared that Biden is “unfit to be president” after the former vice president spoke about the protests over the killing of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis who was killed by a police officer. 

Biden supported the protests and said the country was “crying out for leadership.” 

While Biden delivered a pathetic line or two about criticizing the violence and looting, he also slammed police officers and blamed them for “escalating tension.”

Levin absolutely shredded Biden for these remarks:

Joe Biden has barely mentioned, let alone condemned, the looting, arson, and rioting in our cities; he has said nothing about the police officers maimed and murdered; he has said nothing about the innocent citizens beaten and killed by the rioters; he has said nothing about the small businesses destroyed; he has said nothing about the long-term damage being inflicted on inner city neighborhoods; and, he has absolutely no prescription for putting down the violence and insurrection in these Democrat-run cities and states. After all, he barely even acknowledges the riots, fearful that it might harm his presidential ambitions.

Biden is AWOL and incapable of protecting and defending the people of this country, their neighborhoods, and their communities. And while he talks about systemic racism — tearing down our country, our people, and our institutions as racist — apparently after nearly 50 years in public office he did nothing effective about it. How can you be president of a people and a nation you defame as systemically racist and unworthy of presidential protection and defense?

Biden panders, slanders, and meanders every single day. So it's not too surprising to see him cave to the radical left for cheap political points.

Maybe Biden is trying to ramp up his rhetoric given a new poll reveals that support for the former vice president may be much softer than the media is letting on.

According to a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post, Biden holds a 10-point national lead over Trump. 

The media has only been pushing this part of the poll -- and we all know how accurate these polls were back in 2016.

But buried deep in the polling shows that voters are far more energized to ensure they get to the polls to vote for Trump, a sign that voter turnout may hurt Biden is critical states.

When voters answered the survey by saying they supported Trump, the pollsters followed-up by asking: " Would you definitely vote for Trump, probably vote for him, or just possibly vote for him?"

A whopping 87 percent of registered Trump supporters said they would definitely vote for Trump, versus eight percent who said they would probably vote for him, and five percent who said they would possibly vote for him.

When pollsters asked the same question to voters who said they support Biden, only 74 percent said they would definitely vote for him. Fifteen percent said they would probably vote for him and 11 percent said they would possibly vote for him.

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