MASS HYSTERIA: Joe Scarborough Says Trump Protesters Are No Different Than Hitler’s Brownshirts

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough, fresh off a profanity-laced rant last week in which he blasted the unpreparedness of Capitol Police to defend against an onslaught of rioters, became the latest left-wing schmuck to employ the tired, overused, and wholly inaccurate “Nazi” moniker to half the country’s voters.

“Scarborough kicked off MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with a comparison linking President Donald Trump and his supporters to the fascist dictators Americans went to Europe to fight during World War II,” The Daily Caller reported Friday.

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“Scarborough began by bringing up Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who dropped his objection to the Electoral College vote and then got harassed at an airport for failing to support Trump,” the outlet continued.

Here’s the Morning Schmoe:

Lindsey Graham, poor, poor, Lindsey. He said, ‘I’m done with this.’ And then he gets chased through the airport by a couple of Qanon people. And then suddenly he’s like I’m back in this. And he’s flying on airplanes with Donald Trump.

So this is the Republican Party of Donald Trump and of Lindsey Graham, and of those 150 or 160 people who voted to overturn the election. It is a party that is — well, it’s what we read about Hitler. He had his brown shirts, those who would go around committing acts of violence. Mussolini did it when they took over Italy. They would take over government buildings and commit acts of violence and they would intimidate people through violence.

Back when he was a RINO in Congress, he said out-fundraising political opponents was the best way to ‘intimidate’ them.

“Now Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham and this Republican Party, they are intimidating their opponents with violence, with threats of death, with storming the capitol, with killing police officers. Willie, this is Donald Trump’s party,” he said. “And right now, if you look at the polls, the majority of Republicans remain with this fascist president.”

That’s because the vast majority of Trump’s GOP supporters and voters are much smarter than Scarborough, who continues to play the Anti-Trump Carnival Barking Monkeyman to a shrinking morning show audience, oblivious to the fact that the vast majority of Americans refuse to be falsely accused of supporting murderous authoritarian regimes. 

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Trump was a lot of things – good things – to America. What we will treasure him most for, however, is making the idiot talking heads on Left-Wing TV lose their stuff day in and day out.

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