McCabe Turns On Comey, Says Handling of Clinton Probe Was NOT Normal Protocol

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe has appeared to turn on fired FBI director James Comey, saying that Comey's draft that exonerated Hillary Clinton was made two whole months before her interview with the FBI. More importantly, McCabe noted that this action was not normal protocol.

“This is the only time I am aware of, sir.” McCabe said during a closed door testimony.


“I have not seen that before, sir.” he also said regarding the FBI's decision to exhonerate Hillary Clinton before the interview.

“I’ve never seen that," McCabe added.

Check out what Breitbart reported:

These are just some of the words utilized by former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe when asked during closed door testimony about an email penned by disgraced ex-FBI chief James Comey circulating a draft statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in the private email server case a full two months before the FBI interviewed Clinton and other witnesses in the criminal probe.
Documents previously released by the FBI show that Comey on May 2, 2016 sent the email in question to McCabe, FBI general counsel James Baker and chief of staff and senior counselor James Rybicki. Clinton was interviewed by the FBI on June 2, with Comey later testifying that she was not sworn in and that the interview was not recorded.
Two months before Clinton’s FBI interview, Comey circulated the draft statement testing language to be used for not recommending charges against Clinton.
Former Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who served as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee at the time of McCabe’s December 21, 2017 testimony, read aloud Comey’s email. A transcript of the testimony was released three weeks ago by House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, R-Ga, although the portion in question did not receive media attention.

Goodlatte read the email from Comey which said, "Accordingly, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters such as this, I am completing the investigation by expressing to Justice my view that no charges are appropriate in this case."

Goodlatte added that “this paragraph is virtually identical to what Director Comey eventually said more than 2 months later on July 25, 2016, in recommending no charges against Secretary Clinton. It seems to confirm that the FBI, including the Director, had made up its mind not to charge Secretary Clinton before interviewing her.”

During an exchange with Republican Representative Mark Meadows, McCabe made it clear that he has never seen anything like Comey's decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

Check out the transcript below:

Meadows. So is this common practice, in normal investigations of every type, to do a memo 2 months ahead of time to lay out what you’re going to say with a conclusion? So let’s take it outside of this particular person. How many other times does that happen?
Mr. McCabe. No, sir, it’s not common.
Mr. Meadows. So this is a unique situation where he did it this one time?
Mr. McCabe. This is the only time I am aware of, sir.
Mr. Meadows. Is this case so unique that you would have a prepared document 2 months ahead of interviewing the witness? Is that normal protocol within the FBI?
Mr. McCabe. It is not normal protocol within the FBI to release a statement about a case —
Mr. Meadows. That’s not the question I asked, Mr. McCabe.
Mr. McCabe. — we believed we were going to —
Mr. Meadows. Is it normal protocol — is it normal protocol to draft a letter by the FBI 2 months before you interviewed the witness to draw a conclusion? Is that normal protocol?
Mr. McCabe. I have not seen that before, sir.
Mr. Meadows. So your answer is no, it’s not normal protocol?
Mr. McCabe. I’m not aware of that protocol. I’ve never seen that. I haven’t been through an experience like this in the pendency of my career. So, no, I’ve never seen that before.
Mr. Meadows. I yield back.

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