McConnell Surprises Everyone, Defends Dr. Fauci: ‘Most Reliable Witness I’ve Seen’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell surprised many on Monday evening when he defended Dr. Anthony Fauci by calling him a “reliable witness.”

While speaking to reporters, McConnell was asked about Fauci, who serves as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and whether he still had “confidence in” Fauci’s abilities as head of the COVID-19 effort.

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“Do you still have confidence in Dr. Fauci as you said several months ago?” the reporter asked.

“I think he’s the principal person we’ve relied on for the last couple of years. That’s become somewhat controversial, I gather, but we have to take advice from somebody, and for myself, looking at his history and background, he’s the most reliable witness I’ve seen,” McConnell responded.


For all the talk of wearing masks, getting vaccinated, and social distancing, Fauci has not said anything about the tens of thousands of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Fauci also hasn’t said anything about the hundreds of migrants being jammed and stuffed into tiny pods and facilities because the Biden administration is allowing an unprecedented amount of illegals immigrants into the country.

And South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to know why Fauci is so quiet all of a sudden.

“Thousands of migrants from Central America are coming into the country with a 10% COVID-positive rate. They have 900 people staying in a room built for 80 – overcrowded by more than 1,000% percent,” Graham said on Fox News.

“Migrants in these facilities are intermingled and on top of each other. After being around COVID-positives, they are dumped off in Texas and taken to other parts of the country furthering the spread. Dr. Fauci, does COVID-science justify President Biden’s handling of migrants from Central America?” Graham rhetorically asked.

“If you are worried about the spread of COVID, you should be gravely concerned about what is happening at our southern border. There is no end in sight on this super-spreader event until these policies are changed,” the senator said.


The Daily Mail reported:

Fauci has not spoken out about the crisis at the border, despite strongly critiquing Republican governors who have lifted restrictions in Texas and Mississippi.  

Graham is just one among a number of politicians – both Republican and Democrat – who have expressed concerns that overcrowded migrant detention facilities could be fueling the spread of the coronavirus, 

More than 170,000 migrants were apprehended at the southern border in March – the highest number in 15 years. 

That is also significantly up from the 100,000 taken into custody in February. 

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During the administration of Donald Trump, Fauci also didn’t say anything about Black Lives Matter protests being super spreader events.

He was too busy condemning small gatherings of families and friends to be concerned with tens of thousands of people gathering and marching together at BLM and left-wing rallies.

Wonder why?