Liberal Media Blames Trump For Man Dying From Chloroquine; Buries Fact That He Drank FISH TANK CLEANER To Ingest It

The liberal media is trying to get away with telling one of the biggest lies of the year, and they must be exposed.

NBC News is saying that a man died from taking the drug chloroquine that was "touted by Trump". However, that is not the full story.


The man did not take the anti-malaria drug which has been shown to help fight the Coronavirus. Instead, he ingested FISH TANK CLEANER which happened to contain chloroquine.

Here's the quick story from Fox 10 Phoenix:

Medical experts with Banner Health are warning the public against using inappropriate medication and household products to prevent or treat coronavirus.

The warning by Banner Health comes after after an Arizona man in his 60s died from taking a substance used to clean fish tanks at aquariums in order to prevent contracting COVID-19.

Right on queue, the liberal media began to blame President Trump for this mans death, even though INGESTING FISH TANK CLEANER was never a suggestion of the President.

Here are a couple tweets from an absolutely DESPICABLE thread by NBC News' Heidi Przybyla:

In response, conservatives on Twitter unleashed the wrath of God upon liberal reporters who are pushing this fake story:

In a rare turn of events, one liberal media outlet actually admitted that they distorted the truth and had to revise their article:

What is your reaction to the latest fake news story from the liberal media? Comment below...

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