Meghan McCain Gushes Over Biden; Says He Will LITERALLY Cure Cancer

The swamp is overjoyed now that career D.C. insider Joe Biden has been installed as the nation’s 46th president and the hated outsider Donald J. Trump is back living at Mar-a-Lago.

With the corrupt media shifting overnight from 24/7 attack mode into embarrassing gushing over the 78-year old gaffe machine, there is no way to argue that the stalwart protectors of democracy in the fourth estate aren’t merely paid shills for the Democratic party.

One of those who is slobbering all over good old Joe from Scranton is Meghan McCain, the daughter of longtime swamp king John McCain who passed away before he could see his dream of Trump being run out of Washington become reality.

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While the co-host of the snakepit of liberal lunacy known as “The View” didn’t claim that Biden walks on water, she came close by suggesting that the new POTUS will cure cancer.

Via The Daily Caller, “Meghan McCain Says She Believes Biden Administration ‘Could Possibly’ Find ‘Cure’ For Cancer”:

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Meghan McCain said she believes President Joe Biden’s administration “could possibly” find a cure for cancer in the “next four years.”

“President Biden’s commitment to cancer research and finding a cure to cancer — his son, Beau, died of glioblastoma,” the cohost of “The View” shared during the ABC talk show in a clip shared Thursday.

“He went to church,” she added. “He invoked him. He carries around his son’s rosary. [Beau] died of this horrible brain cancer.”

“Cancer has hit this man [Biden] personally,” McCain continued. “For all of us who have lost loved ones from cancer of all kinds, I believe that this is the administration that could possibly, hopefully, find a cure in the next four years. And I am deeply, deeply hopeful and grateful for that.”

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McCain also ripped Trump for not doing enough to find a cure for cancer while failing to mention that he was preoccupied with keeping the world safe, fending off a Deep State coup as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

As one of Trump’s most savage critics, Ms. McCain is best known for her hijacking of her own father’s funeral to attack the then-president whose America First policies disdained the ruinous and costly wars that John McCain was a champion of.

The media orgy of Biden worship is going to be nauseating over the next several weeks so it’s probably advisable to tune out unless you have a very strong stomach.

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