Meghan McCain Unloads on Cuomo Brothers For Joking Around On CNN While New Yorkers Die

While New York suffers, Governor of the state Andrew Cuomo is busy cracking jokes with his younger brother Chris Cuomo on CNN over who has the biggest nose.

The New York Governor has recently been under fire for a devastating policy where he forced nursing homes to take in patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus. The policy has resulted in many deaths.


“Instead of asking his brother, [NY Governor Cuomo] why he decided to pack COVID patients into nursing homes, killing untold amounts of people, [Chris Cuomo] pulled out oversized, prop cotton swabs to mock how big his brother’s nose was,” said Nicholas Fondacaro.

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“This is the state of ‘journalism’ on [CNN],” he continued. “Pathetic!”

Conservative co-host of "The View" Meghan McCain also made sure to comment on the Cuomo brothers, noting how thousands of New Yorkers are dying and many are suffering from the economy while the Cuomo brothers are busy cracking jokes.

“I’m not sure I’m going to ever be able to buy a crib or baby clothes for my first child in a store,” McCain said. “Most of my friends are jobless, petrified and dealing [with] depression.”

McCain continued by mentioning her friend, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean who recently “lost both her mother and father in law to covid within a week of each other.”

“This is HILARIOUS guys,” McCain said sarcastically.

The Cuomo brothers don't even seem to care considering they were very proud of their segment considering the shared the moment to both of their Twitter accounts.

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“Which swab was it [NY Governor Cuomo]?” Chris Cuomo said while attaching a clip from the interview to his Twitter.

Andrew Cuomo then responded, “It’s well known that I have a tiny, button nose. Please stick to the facts on your show, little brother.”

While the New York elites joke during these times, the New York Post has a different message. The New York Post's Thursday front page sent a dire yet blistering message to the leadership in New York: "IT NEEDS TO END. NOW,” the cover read in big letters.

Just above those five words, the Post explained: “The Big Apple is dying. Its streets are empty. Tens of thousands have been plunged into poverty. Our leaders have no plans, no answers,” the front page reads. “New Yorkers have already learned to socially distance. Businesses can adjust. The elderly and infirm can continue to be isolated.”

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Check it out below:

The article was written by David Marcus from the Federalist who slams New York leadership, urging New Yorkers to fight back.

“If our elected leaders won’t save the world’s greatest city from a slow death by economic strangulation, then the people of New York must do it themselves,” he said.

"We did what we were asked. We flattened the freakin’ curve," Marcus hammered. "There is no longer any reasonable justification for the government to deprive us of our livelihoods. And our rights aren’t the government’s to grant or take away. They belong to us — the free grant of nature and the God of nature. We’re Americans. More than that: New Yorkers, goddammit."

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