Melania Trump Fires Back After Her and Barron Get Mocked by Food Network Host on Father's Day

On Father's Day, Food Network host and "comedian" John Henson decided to target Melania Trump and 14-year old Barron Trump in a Father's Day tweet.

“I hope Barron gets to spend today with whoever his dad is," said Henson, clearly mocking the First Lady and her son.


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The comment was extremely inappropriate and got major backlash from conservative all across social media. First Lady Melania Trump even responded to the hateful comment.

“Sadly we continue to see inappropriate and insensitive comments about the President’s son. As with every other administration, a minor child should be off-limits and allowed to grow up with no judgment or hate from strangers and the media,” shot back the First Lady's office.

Henson appears to be just another hate filled liberal who will stop at nothing to slander and attack the first family.

Check out Henson's bio on the Food Network website:

With over 20 years of acting, writing, hosting and producing credits, John Henson is a veteran of the television industry. Henson began his professional career as a stand-up comedian, touring the country before gaining audience attention and critical acclaim as host, writer and co-executive producer of E! Entertainment’s Talk Soup. In this role, John won a cult following, and three Emmy Award nominations.

Over the course of his career, he has also co-hosted and produced ABC’s Wipeout, Spike TV’s The John Henson Project, and TV Guide Network’s Watch This. He also starred in FX’s Anger Management and NBC’s My Name is Earl, and hosted truTV’s Funniest Commercials specials as well as guest hosted of Who Wants to be a Millionaire… John resides in Los Angeles with his wife, son and daughter.

According to IMDB: “John Henson started acting when he was eight years old and tried everything he could–even singing and dancing. It was at Boston University that he began performing improvisational comedy. He loved the adrenaline rush it gave him so he quit school at the age of 20 to do stand-up full time.”

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The despicable comment from Henson was similar to one that MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said last September.

The Daily Wire reported:

Scarborough: “We’re going to have Donald Trump, yesterday, I think it was yesterday, in the White House, talking about Melania’s son.”

Brzezinski: “Maybe it is Melania’s son.”

Scarborough: “It is Melania’s son?”

Brzezinski: “Well, that’s what he was saying. He was saying it was just her son,” referring to President Trump discussing a ban on flavored vaping products. “It’s not — that’s just what he said.”

Scarborough: “Let me get back to Biden, because I don’t know exactly what you’re saying.”

Brzezinski: “It seems that he didn’t remember Barron’s name or —”

Scarborough: “Just stop, just stop.”

President Trump said to reporters that, “Vaping has become a very big business as I understand it, like a giant business in a very short period of time. But we can’t allow people to get sick, and we can’t have our youth be so affected. And I’m hearing it, and that’s how the First Lady got involved. She’s got a son, together, that is a beautiful young man and she feels very, very strongly about it.”

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