Member Of AOC’s ‘Squad’ Calls For Inmates To Be Given Priority For COVID Vaccine

Democrats aren’t only anti-police and soft on crime but in some cases, they are openly championing the rights of criminals and one congresswoman has called for inmates to go to the front of the line for the COVID vaccine. 

Now that the FDA has approved the Moderna vaccine and efforts to get the nation’s most vulnerable citizens along with frontline healthcare personnel inoculated, Rep. Ayanna Pressley is calling for those behind bars to be given top priority. 

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During an appearance on CNN this week, the Massachusetts Democrat and charter member of socialist firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Squad” said that she would fight to ensure that the worst elements of society would be given priority over normal law-abiding citizens. 

Via Newsweek, “Ayanna Pressley Says Inmates Should Be Among Those ‘Prioritized’ for COVID Vaccine”:

Representative Ayanna Pressley, a Massachusetts Democrat, believes inmates in correctional facilities should be “prioritized” to receive COVID-19 vaccines alongside health care and essential workers.

Although federal health officials have said staff and workers at correctional facilities should be among the first to receive vaccinations for the novel coronavirus, they have not listed prisoners as a priority. Massachusetts, Pressley’s state, has selected inmates as one of the first groups to receive vaccinations—ahead of seniors, home health aides and medically vulnerable state residents.

“I’m going to continue to fight for our most vulnerable communities who have been disproportionally impacted by the virus, for our health care workers, for our essential workers, for incarcerated men and women to be prioritized in the distribution of the vaccine,” Pressley told CNN.

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Pressley’s stunning remarks come as the ultra-liberal commonwealth decided that the occupants of Massachusetts jails and prisons will be right behind health care and emergency medical workers and long term care residents when it comes to getting the vaccinations. 

The “Squad” member recently penned an op-ed in which she laid out her case for inmates to jump the line in front of military veterans, police and first responders, and productive members of society – because of racism or something. 

According to Pressley:

“…we need urgent action now, with vaccines prioritized for distribution among incarceration facilities along with nursing homes and health care settings. Vaccines need to reach people in ways that uplift the common dignity and humanity of those trapped within the prison and jail systems.”

We should be ashamed that fellow Americans have suffered and died needlessly until now because the federal government has failed to act on the advice of national health and medical organizations to protect public health during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

President-elect Joe Biden’s administration provides a chance to course correct by listening to those experts now urging vaccination of incarcerated people. Enacting federal incentives for states and local governments that protect the health of every citizen, including those who are incarcerated, would also be a significant step.

The congresswoman is not an outlier, such pro-criminal sentiment runs heavy in a party that no longer remotely resembles the one formerly associated with JFK and FDR. 

The transformation of the Democratic party from a respectable albeit wrongheaded political entity into a radicalized force that his hellbent on destroying America has been swift and sweeping and the only thing more horrifying is the inability of millions of mainstream American voters to see it for what it really is. 

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