MENTALLY GONE: Biden Slurs And Stumbles Like Crazy For 45 Straight Seconds While Reading Telepromter [VIDEO]

Ladies and gentlemen, Biden is fading…and he’s fading fast.

During another cringeworthy speech in Illinois, Biden had several moments that left viewers with their jaws on the floor.

First up, we have him slurring and stumbling over words for a full 45 seconds. Yes, it was bad. (I will try to transcribe it now. Please pray for me).

“The Illinois President, uh of the, Don Harman. State Senator Laura Murphy, State Rep uh, um, Martin mo-…uh, Moilen, and uh, we got uh great labol(?) leaders here too. Tim…wh-where’s Tim? And Jeff *gibberish* Preshident of united *gibberish gibberish slurring*. And Robert Rider, read-uh-rie-rie-Rieter….R-e-i-t-e-r,” Biden said before spouting off some other random gibberish.

Yes, it was bad. Watch below:

At another point in his speech, Biden had a hard time distinguishing between the “telephone” and the “television”:

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And finally, Biden went on a random 1-minute+ rant about some story that NOBODY understood:

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again……..WHAT’S WRONG WITH BIDEN?

Comment below with your reaction to yet another round of cringeworthy videos from our “President”