Michael Moore Has Twitter MELTDOWN After Ginsburg Cancer Scare

On Friday, it was revealed that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been undergoing radiation therapy at a hospital in New York City for a malignant cancerous tumor on her pancreas.

An abnormality was caught during a blood test in July which was eventually confirmed to be “a localized malignant tumor.”

“Ginsburg, 86, began radiation on Aug. 5 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and received treatment as an outpatient, the statement said. As part of her treatment, a bile duct stent was placed on her pancreas,” Fox News reported.

The news sent shockwaves throughout the Democratic party and even sent some liberals into an all out panic mode, considering if something were to happen to Ginsburg, Trump may get a third Supreme Court Justice pick.

Liberal film maker Michael Moore was one of these liberals to have an all out meltdown, urging his supporters to “work nonstop” to make sure that the President doesn’t get another court pick.

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“First thought: She was seen at the Yiddish version of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in NYC last week. She’s gonna be fine,” Moore started.

Things then got weird and incoherent as Moore continued.


Moore’s comments are deeply concerning considering he seems to only care about Ginsburg because of political reasons. Check out what the Daily Wire had to say:

What is most truly sick about Moore’s sentiment (which he is not alone in sharing) is that all of it centers on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s well-being strictly for political reasons. Here, she is simply a placeholder whose humanity can be dismissed depending on the political outcomes. All of this sentiment flows from what has aptly been dubbed “The Cult of RBG,” which has spurred reactions in her supporters that range from creepy to idolatrous. Earlier this year, when the justice underwent surgery for lung cancer, columnist Roger Simon of Politico said that he would actually sacrifice precious days of his own life to prolong Ginsburg’s.

“If it were possible, would you subtract one day off your life and add it to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life for one extra day of good health? If just 10,000 people did this, it would add 27 productive years to her life,” he said on Twitter.

Ginsburg is very popular on the Supreme Court especially among liberals. Last month during an interview with NPR, the Supreme Court Justice tried easing people about her questionable health conditions.

During this interview, Ginsburg addressed a comment made by Republican Senator Jim Bunning.

“There was a senator — I think it was after the pancreatic cancer — who announced with great glee that I was going to be dead within six months,” she said. “That senator — whose name I’ve forgotten — is now himself dead. And I am very much alive.”

Ginsburg also revealed how long she intends on staying on the Supreme Court which she also told to Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who died recently at the age of 99.

“I said that my dream is that I will stay at the court as long as he did,” she noted. “And his immediate response was, ‘Stay longer!'”

Check out what Fox News added:

Earlier this month, Ginsberg attended a showing of Fiddler on the Roof at the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, where she received a standing ovation.

Sources tell Fox News that Ginsburg has no desire to step down from the bench and plans to hold her seat for as long as her health permits.

The new Supreme Court term is scheduled to begin on Oct. 7 and justices usually return to work in September. So far, Ginsberg has 11 public events planned for September and has not canceled any of them to date, according to NPR.

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