Michael Moore, Left-wing journos join in to cheer Minnesota riots

If ever there were a more self-promoting, virtue-signaling Left-wing hack than ‘documentarian’ Michael Moore, we haven’t found him.

Moore joined the rest of his like-minded ilk to cast aspersions against all police officers in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd allegedly at the hands of one officer, Derek Chauvis, who has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter after pinning Floyd to the pavement with his knee for several minutes during an arrest earlier this week.


Now mind you, the publicly available video of the arrest is disturbing. It shows Chauvis with his knee over Floyd’s neck for several minutes as he pleas with the arresting officer and other police around him to let him breathe.

And again, Chauvis has now been arrested and charged. We believe that justice will be done but also in the uniquely American legal standard that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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We also don’t believe that wholesale destruction of police stations and similar actions are wise considering that there really is just a ‘thin blue line’ between us and systemic, country-killing chaos.

But Moore has his Left-wing virtue-signaling to carry out so none of that matters. The rotund filmmaker took to Twitter Friday to demand some very unreasonable and irrational things while obviously siding with the thugs who are destroying parts of their own city.

“Good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in MN after all police were out & safe,” Moore wrote, referencing the destruction of the MPD’s 3rd Precinct building. “All police should go home. No violence please. Police HQ must be demolished by the city tomorrow as a show of contrition to black America. Rebuild PD with decent kind ppl aka ppl of color.”

Right, let’s just tear down “Police HQ” and send all the cops home because that will lead to order and justice. And who pays to rebuild the HQ building? Minneapolis taxpayers, that’s who – the same people picking up the tab for repairing the 3rd Precinct building.

Moore wasn’t alone in his foolishness. Glenn Greenwald, the uber-liberal founder of The Intercept, noted, “The Minneapolis debate reminds me of Israel/Palestine discourse. No matter how much repression & brutality Palestinians suffer, nothing they do is legitimate except impotent words: no boycotts, no return violence: all ‘terrorism.’ The MN violence is, if anything, way overdue.”

You know what is ‘way overdue’? For people in Minneapolis to stop voting for the same Democrat politicians who created the alleged conditions that Greenwald is referencing. Will they, though? 

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“So proud of all the Minnesotans fighting back against the police tonight. Minneapolis St. Paul claiming our cities from the oppressors who would rather watch the city burn than see George Floyd’s murderers brought to justice,” someone at the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America tweeted. 

If those folks think American police are “oppressors” then we don’t believe they actually know what that word means. And where’s that presumption of innocence’?

The Atlantic’s Amanda Mull gave us her two cents as well.

“Riots are, at their core, a choice made by those in power, not people who participate in them. If you build a society that exhausts and abuses people and privilege capital over human life, I’m not sure which other imaginary ‘civil’ options you expect people to exercise,” she said.

Uh, no. ‘People in power’ didn’t do the rioting, the rioters did. Who thinks like this? 

There are ways to effect change without destroying public property and businesses people worked hard to build. Claiming that there are none just isn’t true.