LIBERAL PRIVILEGE: Michelle Obama Just Got Another Award For No Reason At All

Former first lady Michelle Obama is getting another award after doing nothing because leftists still praise her for everything they can.

Obama is slated to be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame later this year, CNN reported.

Why is she being inducted? Well, according to the statement, it seems as if it’s just because she is a woman and was the first lady.

That’s it.

“Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most influential and iconic women of the 21st century,” the National Women’s Hall of Fame stated.

“The National Women’s Hall of Fame will celebrate the inclusion of these extraordinary women into the Hall at the biennial in-person induction ceremony on October 2, 2021 at the NWHF’s new home, the recently revitalized 1844 Seneca Knitting Mill building,” the organization said.

“The NWHF is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in New York state and will plan carefully to ensure that the in-person portion of Induction Weekend is safe for all attendees. In addition, the NWHF will host live virtual streaming of the ceremony, which will be free to the public,” they added.

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They added that they “will not open ticket sales until April or May 2021 when there is a better understanding of safety protocols for in-person events.”

The most recent thing Michelle Obama has done is complain about how racist America is despite the fact that she served as the first lady for eight years.

During an episode of her “Michelle Obama Podcast” last August, Obama went on a racist rant against white people who, she said, treat her and other black women as if they are invisible, The New York Post reported.

“When I’ve been completely incognito, during the eight years in the White House, walking the dogs on the canal, people will come up and pet my dogs, but will not look me in the eye. They don’t know it’s me,” she said during her show.

“What white folks don’t understand, it’s like that is so telling of how white America views people who are not like them. You know, we don’t exist. And when we do exist, we exist as a threat. And that, that’s exhausting,” the former first lady said.

Then she really got racist.

“What the white community doesn’t understand about being a person of color in this nation is that there are daily slights, in our workplaces where people talk over you, or people don’t even see you,” she said.

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This sounds like the story of a woman who is, in spite of all of her privilege and riches, determined to be a victim.

This is the same woman who said she was never proud of the United States until her husband became the president.

It is more likely that she is not seen as invisible but as pushy, rude, and entitled which leads to her negative experiences with “white people.”