Michigan Landowner Gives Massive ‘Welcome’ to Joe Biden as he Flew Into Town Over Home

On Tuesday, a Michigan landowner delivered a not-so warm welcome to President Joe Biden as he flew into Howell, Michigan over the landowners home.

The home owner built a massive “F*** Joe Biden” sign in his yard that was definitely seeable from President Biden’s helicopter that passed by.


“I am really enjoying all of these greetings that the most popular president is receiving and I do hope they continue because he deserves every single one of them!”

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“I’m sure he read, let’s go brandon.”

Biden was not at all welcomed nicely to Michigan during his recent trip considering Trump supporters made sure to make his visit a living nightmare.

While traveling to his destination by car in Michigan, Biden was met by thousands of Trump supporters with “F*** Joe Biden” flags and signs as he drove by.

The adults weren’t the only ones heckling Biden.

School children were also chanting “F*** Joe Biden” from their school bus.


The “F*** Joe Biden” movement is quickly picking up steam and President Biden has finally addressed the chants.

During his visit on Tuesday in Michigan, Biden was clearly agitated by the Trump supporters.

“What – notwithstanding some of the signs I saw coming in – that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me – the largest number of votes in American history,” he said weak audience who gave a sub-par applause.


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