Mika Brzezinski: ‘You Can’t Let All These Things Go’ – Says Trump Must be Investigated

While they push him to ‘concede’ to Joe Biden, the unhinged on the left are not going to be satisfied with simply letting President Donald Trump walk out of the White House (if that ends up happening) and moving on with his life.

No. They want him punished for the high crime of beating them at their own games and winning the presidency in the first place. And we can count the mindless Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with hubby Joe Scarborough – who is just as ‘out there’ – among them.

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During an interview on “The View” on Tuesday, Brzezinski responded to a question about post-White House punishment for Trump from co-host Sunny Hostin.

“Mika, you know, President-elect Biden is already facing calls from some in the Democratic Party to investigate and prosecute President Trump. One of the senior prosecutors in the Mueller investigation just also came forward and said that the next attorney general should hold Trump accountable for any criminal behavior in office despite how divisive that could be for the country,” she said. “What’s the best move for the sake of the country, in your opinion?”

“Well, Joe and I disagree. I want to say for the record — we disagree on this. I think it’s enough with letting things go by. How much are we going to just let just pass by from this presidency, which has come so close to destroying our democracy, more than any other president?” she began, using the same, tired left-wing throwaway line – ‘he’s destroyed our democracy!’ – without realizing that we just had elections in which he supposedly lost.

“And I do think that there needs to be a degree of investigations, and also a postmortem on what happened, and our institutions, where they softened, where they didn’t hold. I think more of a check on the attorney general in the future,” she added – a jab at Attorney General William Barr without saying what he supposedly did wrong. 

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“That really, I think, showed weakness in our democracy. We need to learn from this so that we never go through something like this again” (something like what, exactly – allowing the people to decide who we want to lead us?). 

“And I understand, you know, sometimes doing a pardon for the sake of unity and moving forward — this is different. You can’t let all these things go by and just pretend that they’ll never happen again. We have to do something about the many perils that this president put toward our democracy.”

This is just unreal. A more vindictive people, these leftists, we will never meet.