Mike Lee Sounds The Alarm After New Democrat Stunt; ‘They Could Remain In Power For Decades’

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) isn’t one for hyperbole, so when he voices concerns about something as serious as a complete federal takeover of all voting rules in all states, he’s someone to be taken seriously.

In particular, Lee is adamantly opposed to the Democrats’ misnamed “For the People Act,” which, really, should be called “Only for Some People Act” because it is designed to permanently empower their party.

“I think I disagree with every single word in H.R.1, including the words ‘but,’ ‘and’ and ‘the.’ Everything about this bill is rotten to the core. This is a bill as if written in hell by the Devil himself,” Lee told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

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Continuing, he said the legislation “takes all sorts of decisions that the federal government really has no business making” away from states, mostly pertaining to federal elections.

The Constitution says that states are in charge of determining the “time, place, and manner” of elections, and while some powers are reserved to Congress, they are nothing close to the powers Democrats are trying to steal.

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“They are completely flipping that principle on its head so that these things can be micromanaged from Washington. That’s wrong, it’s really wrong. It’s bad policy,” Lee continued.

A summary of the legislation by the Heritage Foundation sums up the truly awful nature of this bill, known as H.R. 1.

“H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process—which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom,” says the summary.

“It would implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election and go even further in eroding and eliminating basic security protocols that states have in place,” the summary continues.

“The bill would interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voters, to ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, to secure the fairness and integrity of elections, to participate and speak freely in the political process, and to determine the district boundary lines for electing their representatives,” it adds.

In short, the bill codifies every dirty element of the 2020 election successfully pursued by Democratic activists in the swing states ahead in the run-up to Nov. 3 — and we know how that turned out.

Whether there was massive vote fraud or not isn’t necessarily the issue in terms of the outcomes in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia — it was the manner in which voting rules were changed.

The Constitution requires those changes to be made by state legislatures, not governors, state courts, and secretaries of state as was the case last fall. Now Democrats want to build on their success and bring that election strategy to every state in the union, and damn the Constitution.

Per the Heritage Foundation, here is more of what H.R. 1 will do:

— Seize the authority of states

— Make it easier to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls through same-day registration

— Degrade the accuracy of registration lists by requiring states to automatically register all individuals (as opposed to “citizens”)

— Constitute a recipe for massive voter registration fraud by hackers and cyber criminals through online voter registration that is not tied to an existing state record

— Require states to count ballots cast by voters outside of their assigned precincts, overriding the precinct system used by almost all states

— Prevent election officials from checking the eligibility and qualifications of voters and removing ineligible voters

— Ban state voter ID laws

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— Violate the First Amendment with respect to a vast range of legal activity

— Reduce the number of Federal Election Commission members from six to five, allowing the political party with three commission seats to control the commission and engage in partisan enforcement activities

This is a massive Democrat power grab, period. Mike Lee is right.

“This can’t be done effectively from Washington. You concentrate that much power here, bad things are going to happen,” he said.

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