Mike Pence Refuses To Cave, Slams Schiff’s Latest Request

Vice President Mike Pence just told Adam Schiff to go and pound sand after the impeachment commissar demanded that he declassify a telephone call with the new president of Ukraine. 

Schiff has abused his power as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to trample the Constitution, lie with impunity and in a chilling example of how far he is willing to go, he went after the phone records of journalists and political foes. 


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But Pence isn't having any of it and resoundingly rejected the intrusive and illegitimate request from the Democrat whose district includes Hollywood, a stronghold of the rabid anti-Trump resistance. 

The vice president's office slammed Schiff in a blistering letter that made it clear that the demand for the declassification had no legitimate or legislative purpose. 

Via The Hill, "Pence's office denies Schiff request to declassify call with Ukrainian leader":

Vice President Pence's counsel refused to release further information on the vice president's call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to a letter obtained by The Hill.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) requested last week that Pence declassify the contents of his Sept. 18 call with Zelensky. Jennifer Williams, a career foreign service officer and Pence staffer, testified about the call last month, but later told lawmakers that the specific details of the conversation were classified.

Pence's office denied that the vice president discussed any of the investigations at the center of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump's dealings with Ukraine. House lawmakers have alleged in the impeachment inquiry that the president withheld millions in military aid to Ukraine in an effort to pressure Kyiv into launching investigations that would benefit him politically.

"While the contents of a classified call with a foreign head of state should never have been discussed in an unclassified Committee hearing or an unclassified deposition, it is clear from public testimony that the Vice President never raised the Bidens, Burisma, or Crowdstrike in his conversation with President Zelensky," Pence's office said in the letter, signed by Matthew Morgan, counsel to the vice president.

"As you well know, a witness answered your direct question that the Vice President never raised those investigations," the letter continues. "As such, the request to declassify and release another world leader transcript serves no purpose."

Pence's smackdown of Schiff deprives his operatives of their ability to abuse and distort information that they are not entitled to seed the media with leaks leading to dishonest stories that suggest sinister intent. 

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There is probably nothing that Nancy Pelosi would like more than dragging Pence into the impeachment morass because as Speaker Of The House, she is third in the line of succession and a successful coup could make her the nation's first woman president. 

Alas, it isn't going to happen and with the Democrats prepared to cram their impeachment down America's throat on the week before Christmas, it is a flimsy and slipshod case that faces a swift defeat in the Senate. 

As for Schiff, he is little more than Pelosi's sock puppet and like his boss and their media lackeys, have zero respect for due process or the rule of law in their relentless quest for power. 

Vice President Pence made it clear that he isn't playing their game.