Mike Pence Unloads On Nancy Pelosi For Defending Protesters Who Vandalize Statues

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence unloaded on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for dismissing the left-wing protesters who demolished a Christopher Columbus statue on the Forth of July.

The comments from the Vice President came while he was speaking with Breitbart News on the Trump campaign bus.


“Tearing down monuments is not protests,” Pence said. “Burning churches is not free speech. To have the Speaker of the House tacitly affirm the rule of the mob is unconscionable. For Speaker Nancy Pelosi to say ‘they will do what they will do’ is a surrender to the mob. We’re not going to have it. The American people know the foundation of our prosperity is law and order and the rule of law. We’re going to continue to stand strong for the rule of law against the rule of the mob.”

Pence was reacting to comments that Pelosi had made just hours before while she was speaking to reporters.

“People will do what they do,” Pelosi said after being asked if it would have been better for the statue to be taken down legally instead of illegally.

WATCH the clip below:

Democrats have made it clear that they will stop at nothing to completely erase America's past. In lat June, the official Democrat Party Twitter account attacked Mount Rushmore and stated that the upcoming celebration for Independence Day at the monument will be "glorifying white supremacy."

“Trump has disrespected Native communities time and again,” the Democrats tweeted. “He’s attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he’s holding a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore – a region once sacred to tribal communities.”

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Ironically, the tweet was linked to The Guardian, a liberal British newspaper that claimed Mount Rushmore was a "symbol of white supremacy."

The tweet was immediately met with harsh backlash on Twitter from conservatives across the platform.

Conservative Stephen Miller unloaded on the Democrats, writing: “Gosh, it sure would be neat if there were an entire industry of professionals who could ask the Democrat nominee for President of his party if he agrees with this sentiment that Mount Rushmore glorifies white supremacy.”

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“I mean we still don’t even know where he stands on removing statues,” Miller added. “They let him out to run around once a week and give a 12-minute statement on something and then back to basement grandpa.”

Political commentator Erielle Davidson also went off on the Left, saying: “Let the Democrats campaign on taking down Mount Rushmore. If they want to cater to the cultural Marxists, fine. But they’ll lose spectacularly.”

“It would be wise for the Democrats to realize that Twitter is not real life,” Davidson continued. “The cancel campaigns are much louder (and obnoxious) online than in real life.”

Deputy Director of Communications – Rapid Response for the Trump campaign, Matt Wolking, tweeted: “June 29, 2020, 9:57 PM ET, The moment the Democrat Party attacked Mount Rushmore, which features George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, as a symbol of white supremacy.”

Wolking continued, “The (foreign media) article the Democrat Party linked to quotes an activist saying, ‘Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy, of structural racism that’s still alive and well in society today.'”

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