Missing California mother Heidi Planck’s boss was in business with Hunter Biden in China.

Heidi Plank was an accountant for financier Jason Sugarman the director and key shareholder of Burnham Financial Group. Miss Plank has not been seen since October 17th of 2021.

Her disappearance has led to the police questioning Mr. Sugarman, who is now under investigation for allegedly $43 million in fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Although police have combed through landfills for her remains and have raided her house with a SWAT team her disappearance remains a mystery. Her ex-husband believes that Mr. Sugarman knows more about her disappearance than he has so far revealed. What’s very interesting however is that Mr. Sugarman worked on a multimillion-dollar deal with the President’s son, Hunter Biden, and his business partner in Jonathan Li from China in 2015. Jonathan Li was CEO of BHR which Hunter Biden owned 10% of.

The business meeting was brokered by Hunter Biden to his Chinese business partner Jonathan Li. The emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop show that Mr. Sugarman was going to Beijing in January of 2015 to meet with Jonathan Li. This is the same Jonathan Li who is the father of Christopher Li, Joe Biden then vice president, wrote a college recommendation letter to help Christopher Li secure a place at Brown University. Joe Biden had sent the letter directly to Brown University president Christina Paxson in February of 2017.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied any knowledge of his son’s business activities or any illegality of his son’s behavior on multiple occasions. The disappearance of Heidi plank is one of many things that this administration has shadowing over it in the minds of the American people. Hunter Biden’s laptop allows a much-needed view into the operation of the Biden family. Previously, when the New York Post first broke the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop, they were censored by multiple social media companies that claimed the material had been hacked illegally. Since then, cyber security Robert Graham was able to authenticate the hard drive. Last month the New York Times finally admitted that the laptops and everything that it contained was authentic in report to the IRS as they were investigating Hunter Biden’s financial dealings.

This isn’t the first time that Hunter Biden has had a run in with public relations issues. While his father was campaigning to become president, Hunter Biden was in the midst of a child support case in Melbourne, A.R. He was required to take a paternity test and to disclose his financials to the court in Melbourne, A.R. so that custody and child support could be determined properly. Hunter Biden refused to turn over his financial information to the court in Melbourne, A.R. He also, after taking a paternity test, refused to acknowledge that the child was his. The mother of the child, a stripper he met in Washington DC which originally came from Melbourne, A.R., has not been very vocal publicly about her difficulties. The child is now approximately 2 years old and very little is known about how much contact if any she has with her biological father.

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It’s probably for the best for the child to stay with her mother. Given Hunter Biden’s less than stellar record with women, drugs, business dealings, the IRS, and much more the child is probably better off at home with her mother and her mother’s family. It is a shame however but that this is the son of the president of the United States we’re talking about in such a negative light.



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