Mitch McConnell Issues Dire Warning: “Woke Mob Is Coming For Church Daycare”

On Capitol Hill, Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnel stood and spoke and in doing so, issued a dire warning about the Democrat proposals included in the social spending bill. As is his style, “Cocaine Mitch” calmly read over his points on December 9th, 2021, looking up now and again to those he was presumably speaking to.

“The proposal” that he is referring to throughout the video is the social spending bill which will cost upwards of $2 trillion dollars. Let’s write that out properly so that you can maybe understand the magnitude of that much money being pushed onto us.


What makes this spending bill even worse is that it’s an expensive way of turning our “Land of the Free” into a Socialist State, something that should be fought against at every turn possible.

In the video below which is provided by a tweet from The Hill, McConnell is doing the best he can to prove that there are a lot of major problems with this bill, one being that religious freedoms are being encroached upon no matter what villainous tabloids like Huffpost, Vox, VICE may tell you.

Yes, there is that thing called separation of Church and State, but if they really followed that belief they wouldn’t keep suing Colorado cake maker, Jack Phillips for discrimination. (Hence McConnell’s comments about stalking cake bakers.)

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I have transcribed the video below for a few different reasons. Mitch, valiant defender of the “faith-based” that he is, mumbles. A lot. It can be very difficult to make what he’s saying all the time. Plus his style, which I kind of like, is not near what you’d expect of someone with the nickname “Cocaine Mitch”. He speaks slowly and pauses often for emphasis.

Another reason for transcribing is that I know some of you are reading articles at work and if you get caught listening, you’re in trouble. Some of you may have sleeping and napping kids, or might even just be hiding in the bathroom so you can get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

No matter the reason, if you can’t listen to Mitch multiple times to make out what he’s saying, I’ve got you covered.

McConnel says:

“The reckless taxing and spending spree might not ban faith-based providers on day one, but they’re scheme of mandates and subsidies would slowly and quietly push them out. The Democrats bill would deny religious providers an extra funding stream for upgrading their facilities which their secular competitors would actually get. And their proposal would let woke bureaucrats prosecute faith-based groups unless they leave their values at the door.

If a Jewish daycare wants to prioritize Jewish families, they could get thrown out of the Democrat’s scheme for engaging in discrimination. A Catholic facility could be kicked out if families who are registered parishioners get first dibs. If a faith-based provider decides not to hire someone who fundamentally rejects their teachings, left-wing bureaucrats and lawyers would come after them as well.

“The woke mob that stalks cake bakers and florists is now coming for church daycare.”

Watch the video below if you have the opportunity:

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