Mitch McConnell Joins Dems; Raises Threat Of Renewed Lockdowns

The threat of another round of lockdowns is becoming closer to reality by the minute as the Biden regime seeks payback against vaccine holdouts who denied him a major political victory of having 70 percent of the nation fully vaccinated by July 4th.

With each passing day, the rhetoric against those who remain hesitant to get “the jab” becomes more threatening with tens of millions of Americans facing the threat of bullying, ostracism, the loss of their livelihoods, and possibly worse as the numbers remain stubbornly low despite the hysteria over the Delta variant.

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The “carrots” of freebies as enticements to be jabbed have now been discarded in favor of the “sticks” that many authoritarian leftists called for months ago with reinstated mask mandates already beginning and the specter of lockdowns rearing their ugly head.

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined his Democrat friends across the aisle in issuing the not so subtle threat of another round of the economically devastating, soul-crushing de facto orders for house arrest as he urged those who continue to disobey Washington, to line up and roll up their sleeves.

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In remarks to reporters at a news conference, the Kentucky Republican said; “97 percent of the hospitalizations in the country are for unvaccinated people,” he said, “it never occurred to me after three highly effective vaccines were developed in under a year. that we’d have difficulty getting Americans to take the shots but that’s obviously where we are.”

McConnell continued; “I want to underscore in the strongest possible manner I can, and I say this with some authority as you all know as a result of being a polio victim myself,” making reference to his own health issues, “and being very aware it took seven decades to come up with two effective polio vaccines.”

“This was done in under one year,” inadvertently providing more reason for those who are afraid that the COVID shots were rushed, “these shots need to get into everybody’s arm as rapidly as possible or we’re gonna be back in a situation in the fall like what we went through last year.”

McConnell’s implied threat and an uncanny ability to see into the future is a clear sign of the desperation that the regime and its toadies in Congress are feeling as they are unable to compel the citizens of a “free” country to be completely obedient, a much tougher task in the U.S. than in foreign nations like Australia, France, and the United Kingdom were enforcing compliance has been little problem for their leaders.

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It’s obvious from McConnell’s comments that the new talking points will use the polio vaccines as a way to guilt-trip holdouts into putting their very legitimate concerns about the vaccine that many feel was rushed into production at ease. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci was the first to make such a comparison.

In an appearance on CNN, Fauci said “If we had the kind of false information that’s being spread now, if we had that back decades ago, I would be certain that we’d still have polio in this country,” in another shot at his boss’s war on free speech and the regime’s ability to circumvent the pesky U.S. Constitution by going by relying on the “public-private partnership” to censor information contrary to that of the government.

If anything, McConnell’s remarks are the clearest sign yet that if and when Biden orders the lockdowns, a unified bipartisan Congress will have his back and to hell with their oaths of office.

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