Mitt Romney Will Be Given An AWARD For Voting To Convict Trump (Yes, Really)

Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may not be very popular within his own party, but he is absolutely killing it with Democrats.

In one of the most miraculous turnabouts in American political history, Romney has become a hero to the very same people who mocked and vilified him during his doomed 2012 White House run against Barack Hussein Obama.

Mitt’s image overhaul came as a result of his petty and vindictive feud with now-former President Donald J. Trump, a man who did what the former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts was incapable of doing by winning a national election.

Despite being a wealthy man who could have retired from politics to spend time with his family in a state of financial comfort that most people would envy, Romney instead chose to run for the Senate seat of the retiring Orrin Hatch in order to go to Washington to pursue his vendetta against Trump.

On Friday, he was recognized with the Profile In Courage Award by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation for his “courageous” vote to convict Trump on the first of the bogus impeachment charades engineered by spiteful Speaker Nancy Pelosi; he was the only Republican to do so.

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The irony of Romney winning an award for his support of the same Deep State that was at war with Trump and that many believe orchestrated the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy was lost on the media as well as those who now see the previously maligned Republican as a man of honor.

According to a JFK Library Foundation statement by the slain 35th president’s daughter Caroline Kennedy: “Senator Romney’s commitment to our Constitution makes him a worthy successor to the senators who inspired my father to write Profiles in Courage,” she proclaimed in reference to JFK’s renowned 1956 book which won the coveted Pulitzer Prize.

She added that “He reminds us that our Democracy depends on the courage, conscience, and character of our elected officials.”

Romney basked in his glory after the announcement.

“When I think of courage, I think of my Dad,” said Pierre Delecto of his father George who was once the governor of Michigan as well as serving as the Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development during the Richard M. Nixon Administration.

“He did what was right regardless of consequence. I aspire to his example, though I have failed from time to time. We must subordinate our political fortunes to the causes of freedom, equal opportunity and truth, particularly as they are under assault here and abroad,” said Mitt in a tribute to his dad who way back in 1967 drew fire for saying that he was “brainwashed” into supporting the war in Vietnam.

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It is still unknown what turned Romney against Trump. He had begged the billionaire businessman for his support during his disastrous presidential run and received it but once it became inevitable that Trump would easily win the GOP nomination, Mitt went rogue by doing all that he could to undermine the iconoclastic outsider even if it would have resulted in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

His grudge against Trump and the lengths that he went to take him down has earned him the enduring gratitude of the Democrats and a well-earned place as a party mascot.

Mitt will formally receive the award at a virtual ceremony in May.

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