Moderator for Final Debate Has Been Announced, And OF COURSE It's Another Democrat

Now that America has seen two blatantly biased Moderators like Chris Wallace hosting first the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and then the Town Hall, which was hosted by a viciously aggressive Savannah Guthrie, we didn't think it could get much worse in regards to media biased. Enter Kristen Welker

Now that Kristen Welker has been selected as the Moderator for the Final Debate, let's take a look at who Kirsten Welker really is.


Controversy began when the selected moderator of what would have been the 2nd Debate (which turned into a Town Hall), Steve Scully, sent what was supposed to be a private message saying "@Scaramucci should I respond to trump." The controversial Tweet was defended vigorously with by Scully, who stated that the account had been hacked. Twitter executives are on record stating that they will not confirm that any hacking took place. 

It became well-known that Scully was an apparent "never-Trumper". That led us to Kristen Welker, who deleted her own social media account not long after Scully did and then later restored it.

 A quick look into Welker's history shows a clear record of support for democratic politicians.

Jon Levin for The New York Post writes:

Welker comes from an established Democratic family — who have poured cash into party coffers, and to Trump opponents, for years.

Her mother, Julie Welker, a prominent real estate broker in Philadelphia, and father, Harvey Welker, a consulting engineer, have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates and close to $20,000 to Barack Obama alone.

There was also $3,300 for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and $2,100 for Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 presidential effort against Trump. Another $7,300 was contributed to the Democratic National Committee between 2004 and 2020.

In 2012, Welker and her family celebrated Christmas at the White House with the Obamas.


We're not exactly sure how it was decided that the daughter of a tenured family of left-wing political donors and activists was selected to be the third and final "moderator" for what could arguably the most important Presidential Debate in American History - but here we are.

Welker has worked as a White House correspondent for NBC and has been described as one of the harshest critics who frequent the White House.

It was later reported that Welker was giving tip-offs to an aide of then Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton as to what questions she'd be asked.

“Anyone who’s ever dealt with Welker knows she’s an activist, not a reporter. The White House press team views her the same way they would AOC or Pelosi if they walked in the office,” a senior White House official told The Post.

With a long history of loyalty and contributions to powerful democrats, it is clear that Kristen Welker will have to try her hardest not show a clear favorite during the 90-minute debate scheduled for next week. 

It makes you wonder just how deep the bias goes in today's liberally-dominated media. Out of three Presidential Presentations leading into a historic election, America has yet to see the standing President receive a fair and balanced representation from the media and their moderators.  


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