MSNBC Reveals Plan To Install Pelosi As President

On Saturday, far-left MSNBC show host Joy Reid brought on MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks to discuss the Democrats’ impeachment plans.

The two left-wing hacks discussed the Democrats’ plans to impeach both President Trump as well as Vice President Pence so they can install Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as president.

Check out what the Washington Examiner reported:

MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks presented a way to remove President Trump from office and pave the way for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to assume the Oval Office: impeach Vice President Mike Pence first and offer the president a deal.

Joining the network’s AM Joy on Saturday, Wine-Banks was asked if Congress should look to impeach Trump first or turn their eyes to Pence instead. In response, she suggested going after Pence first and giving Trump the option to either replace him before being impeached himself — so that a Republican can remain in the White House — or decline and let Pelosi take over.

“You could impeach Pence first,” Wine-Banks claimed. “The problem is that Donald Trump then has to name his replacement. But I think that maybe a deal could be struck where he was told, ‘If you don’t make a replacement, then Nancy Pelosi does become president. And so, you are going to be impeached and convicted. You need to make this replacement so that the proper party remains in power.'”

WATCH the bizarre statements below:


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In late September, House Speaker Pelosi announced an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump based off of a second-hand politically biased whistleblower’s claim that President Trump bribed Ukraine’s President with military funds to start an investigation into Joe Biden for getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son.

This move by the Speaker is an obvious political hit job with the sole intention of removing our duly elected president from office. 

URGENT POLL: Do you support Trump against Dem impeachment efforts?

The whistleblower claimed that President Trump set up a quid pro quo agreement regarding military aid with Ukraine and in return, Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden. Pelosi used the whistleblower’s claim to begin an impeachment inquiry, however the transcript of the call which was released the next day, revealed that President Trump did not leverage military aid in any way. The Democrats started an impeachment inquiry based on lies.

The Democrats’ hope for a ‘President Pelosi’ is highly unlikely considering President Trump has total support in the Senate. In a brand new campaign advertisement, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell dropped a bomb on the Democrats’ impeachment plans by revealing that he would stop impeachment in the Senate.

The campaign ad which he is using to raise money for his reelection in 2020, announced that the only way to stop impeachment was “with me as majority leader.” He also vowed to shoot down the impeachment inquiry in the House and told his viewers to donate to his reelection campaign “before the deadline.”

“Nancy Pelosi is in the clutches of a left-wing mob,” McConnell says in the ad. “They’ve finally convinced her to impeach the President. All of you know your Constitution. The way that impeachment stops is a Senate majority, with me as majority leader.”

“But I need your help. Please contribute before the deadline,” he adds.

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