MSNBC's Matthews Predicts Electoral Disaster For Democrats Under Bernie Sanders

MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews is sounding the alarm that if socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, President Donald Trump could win 49 our of 50 states in the election.

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During a segment on his program, Matthews said Sanders’ socialist views won’t be embraced by a majority of Americans and the Democrats risk losing 49 states to Trump.

“I think this country will never go that direction and by the way we’ll lose 49 states and I was there in 1972 at the Democratic Convention when the people on the left were dancing in glee,” said Matthews. “I saw them, literally — they were dancing in a circle.”

He warned: “So that could happen again. So clearly. That is what I see. It could happen again.”

Matthews actually made a strong point, arguing that the Democratic Party moving to the "hard left" would be disastrous for Democrats going forward.

Matthews also said Sanders should take responsibility for his "violent supporters."

“Are they going after him about the bad behavior of Bernie Sanders’ supporters or not? Is this how they do things in Denmark?” he asked.

“This is the preview of coming attractions. He said he can’t control them but I think he’ll be called to account by the other candidates because they have a hesitancy or a fear of going after his ideology,” Matthews said.

Matthews rounded out his comments by saying the Senate would never pass anything from Bernie's socialist agenda. 

“The U.S. Senate is run by Republicans … and it takes 60 votes to get this through and nobody says the obvious: ‘Bernie, you’re full of it,'” Matthews said.

Matthews listed the big ticket items of the Sanders platform: Medicare for All, free college tuition and absorption of student loan.

“None of this will get passed … None of this is going to happen,” said Matthews. “And you’re going to sit there and stew in it. So why don’t they bring that up? I do not understand why they don’t bring that up.”


Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville made similar comments earlier this month about Sanders, saying his policies are not acceptable to most Americans.

In an interview with Vox published last week, Carville unleashed a scathing critique of his party.

"We just had an election in 2018. We did great. We talked about everything we needed to talk about and we won. And now it’s like we’re losing our damn minds. Someone’s got to step their game up here."

Carville added that he considered himself a "liberal" rather than a centrist -- but Democrats had gone too far to the left even for him.

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"They’ve tacked off the damn radar screen," he said, before taking another shot at Sanders for saying that he wanted to expand voting rights for people like convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Sanders, Carville suggested, would be ineffective as president and wasn't representative of the Democratic Party.