Multiple Bomb Threats in D.C. as Suspect Tells Capitol Police ‘Other Vehicles Contain Possible Explosive Devices’

There are multiple bomb threats in Washington D.C. being reported. The Capitol Police have reportedly contacted a suspect with a detonator who has informed the authorities there are vehicles with possible explosive devices positioned around the city.

“The U.S. Capitol is on lock down due to a bomb threat, per WH official,” OANN’s Camryn Kinsey reported. “Update: There are unconfirmed reports of a male in possession of a detonator, per WH official.”

“U.S. Capitol Police are monitoring the ongoing investigation,” the report continued. “NOW: The individual is said to have told authorities that there are other vehicles containing possible explosive devises planted throughout the D.C. area.”

“There are no reports indicating officials have vehicle descriptions or knowledge of locations at this time,” the reporter added.

The U.S. Capitol Police earlier reported a suspicious vehicle.

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“Police are responding to a claim of an explosive device in a truck near the Library of Congress, according to law enforcement sources,” CNN’s Whitney Wild reported. “Police are sending a negotiators to engage with a man in the truck making the threat, one of the sources said.”

NBC Washington said the man was using a dry-erase board to communicate with police, claiming to have a detonator set to blow up his truck.

Snipers were also sent in as officers negotiated with the man threatening to detonate explosive devices, sources told The Associated Press.

“The Library of Congress has evacuated the historic Jefferson Building,” KUAR reported. “Washington’s transit agency says subway trains are bypassing the nearby Capitol South station.”

“Neither the House nor the Senate is in session, and most lawmakers are not in their offices,” the report added.

The incident is one of a handful of such bomb threats at the nation’s capitol in 2021. Prior to extremists starting the Capitol riot on January 6, the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters were targeted with pipe bomb threats. The FBI have still not detained the suspect who planted those bombs.

In April, a man rammed a car into barriers at the Capitol. The man emerged from his car with a knife and was shot and killed. A Capitol Police officer was killed in the incident.

This is breaking news it will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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