Nancy Pelosi Gives Away Dem’s Strategy As We Approach Election Day

It has become entirely obvious that the far-left politicians, including the Speaker of the House, have allowed their hate for President Trump to get in the way of the best interest of the American people.

In all of their spite and bitterness in political defeat, the democrats of 2020 are fully willing to put the well-being of the country aside in order to get vengeance on the current administration.

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi sat down with New York Times contributor, Kara Swisher. During the 45 minute interview, titled, Nancy Pelosi: ‘If The Election Were Held Today, We Would Win It All’

It was probably the most coherent interview the Speaker has conducted in recent weeks.

As you may know, the democratic party is in full-blown panic mode after the passing of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The left is prepared to do everything they can to impede the nomination and swearing-in of the next Justice under the Trump administration. The entire interview reads like a conspiracy – we have a journalist and the Speaker of the House drawing up what appears to be a battle plan against the current administration. 20 years ago, this may have been considered an act of treason or conspiracy, but in today’s party of the Radical Left, anything goes.

Besides that, the New York Times contributor asked Pelosi about plans to disrupt the presidents actions over the next 6 weeks (leading into the election). A second impeachment is evidently the only strategy the democrats have at this point. Here’s part of the exchange:

Nancy Pelosi

In spite of all of our differences, and they are vast, we build consensus. And that was the consensus, and that’s how we went forward. As far as my own behavior, apart from the committees and this or that, what I have — says she immodestly — is authenticity. And that’s I do what I believe, and that’s what it is. I don’t do it all the time. There are many other things I believe about him that should be said. But again, I have to go out there with my best shot.

Kara Swisher

All right, but should you hit even harder? Because treating him like a toddler works only so far unless it’s the demon seed, and then the toddler has complete control, destroying things. The same thing, like, why not impeach Bill Barr? Is there a stronger way to deal with these people? You have other tools, and you are a Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi

Bill Barr is a complete henchman. He’s a disgrace to the office he holds. He shouldn’t even be a lawyer. He should be disbarred. We’ve held him in contempt of Congress. But he is an employee, and the villain here is Donald Trump. And that is what we have to do is to make sure that he is not reelected.

Kara Swisher

All right. When you talk about this idea of him being an employee or a henchman, which is your word, you still have power to do something about it, to hit harder.

Nancy Pelosi

He’s a waste of time. I think he’s a waste of time. Right now, we have the election. The fact is, he’s not worth it because we have a pandemic. And it’s hard enough to convince this administration that they should stop the pandemic but at least testing, tracing, treatment, face masks, isolation, sanitation, than to waste our time on Barr. That’s what I think.

In other words, the democrats have nothing on Bill Barr. Subjectively speaking, listening to AG Barr speak on different issues, anyone should be able to tell that he is a very intelligent and collected individual – the prime candidate to serve at the Attorney General of the United States. But because he stands for law and order and opposes to chaos that the left as orchestrated, they attempt to defame him. 

Kara Swisher

All right, so let’s focus on Trump then. So he’s a waste of time, so Trump is not. So one person wrote yesterday, on Twitter of all things, “the instinct to compromise looks like capitulation. And what was interesting is many years ago, Rahm Emanuel said about you, a lot of Democrats are uncomfortable with the use of power. Nancy Pelosi is not.” What can you do to rein in the power of the president? It seems like this is persistent. It’s relentless. It doesn’t stop. You’re fixing something over here then something happens over here. It’s everywhere. So how do you rein in the power of the president? If you want to not look at his henchmen, if you want to not look at his employees, how do you do that?

Nancy Pelosi

Well, we’re going to have to win the United States Senate because of what we have in the Congress of the United States are just a herd of enablers of the president. But that’s who they are. People have to understand. They say to me, oh, I bet those members of Congress are so embarrassed by him. No, he’s their guy. He’s their guy. Name any subject — name a woman’s right to choose, LGBTQ rights, climate issues, immigration, gun safety, fairness in our economy. He’s their champion. They think just like him. They are the current version of congressional Republicans. I tell people in the Republican Party, take back your party. This isn’t who you are. You’ve been hijacked. You’ve been hijacked, and now it’s turning into a cult of personality for Donald Trump. So in order to do many things you suggest, you have to have a Democratic Senate, which is what we’re working on as well.

Further in that interview, Swisher brought up the “Qanon” Conspiracy movement as well where Pelosi denounced it and explained her disgust behind the idea of the popular slogan “save our children”. 

As the Big-Tech censorship tables have turned, Pelosi attacked Facebook,

Kara Swisher

All right, Facebook, QAnon has been very active on Facebook, and it’s been a facilitator of its platform. How much do you hold Facebook accountable for this? You’ve had your wrangling with them.

Nancy Pelosi

I hold them very accountable. I hold them very accountable. QAnon has used the “save the children” as a hashtag while they spew forth their poison and attract millions of people because “save the children,” that sounds attractive, doesn’t it? And what you’ve just described is violence, and I don’t see the Republicans speaking out against that, whereas Joe Biden has said we are for peaceful demonstrations. That’s part of our democracy. That does not include rioting, starting fires, or looting.

Kara Swisher

But Facebook’s role?

Nancy Pelosi

In terms of Facebook, Facebook has been totally disreputable in so much of this. In 2016, when the Russians interfered in our election and rubles were coming in and they had to know that these were not on the level of American sites, they said, well, we never thought to look at that. So they played that role in that election. I don’t know how the Facebook board of directors or their top employees can look themselves in the mirror. They have clearly chosen. Their business plan is to make money off of poison, and that’s the path they have chosen to go.

Kara Swisher

What are you going to do? What are you going to do?


Well, we are looking at the 230, our committees of jurisdiction. Again, you have to handle it with care so that we’re not hurting smaller platforms or freedom of speech. On the other hand, we’re not enabling a Facebook to just get rich at the expense of our democracy.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of “conspiracy theories” that float around the world-wide-web, but this Qanon idea is being singled out. It is also important to remember that Social Media platforms have purged thousands of accounts and even sicked their team of “fact-checkers” on stories that are common knowledge at this point. If it hurts the democratic agenda, Facebook is quick to silence a post, while any all propaganda, hate speech, and full-blown conspiracy is fair-game if you’re on the left.

One well-known political commentator described the recent actions of the democrats as “the dying-cat dance” – meaning that they might actually believe at this point that a large-scale defeat is pending and they are holding nothing back.

Expect a second impeachment to be fully entertained in the coming weeks, and expect to hear the most fake news you’ve ever heard from the mainstream media. To the democrats, they see the next 6 weeks as an existential struggle.

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