Nancy Pelosi Makes Damaging Admission On Live Television

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still not coping well with the fact that President Donald Trump was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial.

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Pelosi managed to shock the world earlier this month when she theatrically ripped up a copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech while the television cameras were trained on her and the president.

During an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Pelosi had quite the slip of the tongue and admitted what we all knew: she did it for “attention.”

“I had no intention of doing that when we went into the State of the Union,” Pelosi said.

But that claim seems false given a camera caught her pre-ripping the speech while the president was still talking, further suggesting she had the stunt planned all along.

But Pelosi doubled down, standing by her assertion that it was a random moment.

“I was reading ahead. I knew what was there. I got through a third of it, and I thought this is terrible. I made a nitch on a couple of pages, thinking I ought to remember what’s on this page, this page. Then I realized that almost every page had something in it that was objectionable. So it wasn’t a planned thing,” Pelosi said.

Towards the end of the interview, Pelosi actually admitted that she felt several issues needed more attention from the media and that the best way to accomplish that was to get the attention by tearing up her copy of the president’s speech.

“One of my disappointments is the fact that with all that we have done legislatively, whether its equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, gun violence protection, issues that relate to our children, the list goes on, climate action now,” Pelosi said. “We have very little press on it.  And it seems if you want to get press, you have to get attention. I thought, well, let’s get attention on the fact that what he said here today was not true.”


During another part of the interview, Pelosi bizarrely claimed the president was actually not acquitted — which is utterly false.

“What about, though, the fact that the president seems liberated, and this is about Democratic politics, so I’m not asking you to criticize here, but he was acquitted, his poll ratings are high …” Amanpour said.

“So I’m not asking you to criticize here, but he was acquitted, his poll ratings are high …” Amanpour said.

Pelosi interrupted: “He was not [acquitted]. There was no [acquittal].”

The Republican-controlled Senate voted nearly two weeks ago to acquit Trump on both articles of impeachment.

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Pelosi continues to make the case for term limits.