Nancy Pelosi Just Waved The White Flag Of Surrender On Major Fight

Democrats have been desperately trying to find new dirty tricks to remove President Donald Trump from office before the 2020 election.

After both of their plans failed in spectacular fashion, House Speaker Nancy is now waving the white flag of surrender on impeachment.



After ex-special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia witch hunt was a total dud and ended with no evidence that Trump colluded or obstructed justice, Democrats are now stuck trying to figure out how they can impeach the president.

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Now, Pelosi and Democrats are admitting that they won't get Trump's tax returns before the 2020 presidential election.

Last month, Democrats tried going through the state of New York to obtain Trump’s state tax returns.

But that effort failed after the president filed a lawsuit against New York’s Attorney General and the House Ways and Means Committee to block the disclosure of his tax returns.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the Democrat-controlled House panel “lacks a legitimate legislative purpose” to use a recently passed New York state law to get Trump’s returns.

They also claim that state law violated the president’s First Amendment rights, because it was enacted to “discriminate and retaliate against President Trump for his speech and politics.”

There is currently no law requiring U.S. presidents or presidential candidates to release their tax returns, but Democrats apparently don't care about the rule of law.

This is the latest example of how extreme liberals are hellbent to trigger a real constitutional crisis in what will be a high stakes show down with the administration. 

Democrats flopped on their Russia collusion theories and now they are conceding that they won't get Trump's tax returns until after the 2020 election.

House Democrats could be waiting a very long time, even forever, for Trump's tax returns. 

Democrats are obviously terrified of taking on Trump in the 2020 election -- which is why they keep plotting behind the scenes to remove POTUS before the election.

But all of their efforts keep failing in spectacular fashion.