Nancy Pelosi: “The Country Needs a Big, Strong Republican Party”

While speaking at an event at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that America needs a “big, strong Republican Party.”

“I say to my Republican friends, take back your party. The country needs a big, strong Republican Party. And I say that as a leader in the Democratic Party,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi then went on to claim that the current Republican party is just an extreme right part full of “cult” personalities.

“Don’t have it be a cult of personality on the extreme, extreme, extreme right,” she said. “This isn’t about liberal or conservative, it’s about radical…uh…shall we say, they don’t believe in governance.”


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Liberal extremists on Twitter were furious that Pelosi would say such a thing.

“Pelosi says this every few months because she means it. She values ‘reasonable’ Republicans as a way to tamp down lefties in her caucus,” far-leftist Emma Vigeland, who previously worked with the Young Turks, tweeted. “Without a GOP to work with, who would pump the brakes on meaningful progress that might cut into profits or wealthy pockets… including hers?”

“Plz neocon war criminal friends, take your party back. Make the duopoly great again!” said another liberal on Twitter.

“My questions: What policy goals require a big strong Republican Party to accomplish, that Pelosi feels Democrats can’t accomplish? What vital role does a strong Republican party play for the country? What solutions for the country has a big strong Republican party delivered?”

Another pissed off liberal tweeted: “Nancy Pelosi makes lots of money fund-raising while republicans are in charge. I’m sure she can’t wait for republicans to regain control of the government. #BlueMAGA

“America does not actually need a big strong Republican Party. And we certainly don’t need a Democratic Party who thinks it is their job to help strengthen the opposition. This is actually the whole problem.”

““Please make our job appear more difficult so we can make excuses about bipartisanship on why we can’t get things done””

“Why does she keep calling for a “big, strong” Party to oppose women’s right and voting rights? Why is this a good thing we’re supposed to want?”

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