Nancy Pelosi Under Fire For Ridiculous Statement

On Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was criticized for her comments regarding the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act, which is anticipated to direct more than 350 billion dollars toward the implementation of policies aimed at tackling climate change and voicing issues related to environmental justice. Pelosi’s statements drew some criticism.

The statements made by Pelosi followed closely on the heels of the proposal clearing both the Senate and the House — along party lines — and she seemed to imply that satisfying “Mother Earth” was a priority in terms of bringing the measure past the finish line. When President Joe Biden returns from his trip to South Carolina, it is anticipated that he will sign the measure into law.

How can they vote against the planet?” Pelosi questioned those who voted against the sweeping legislation, which also included funding to hire approximately 87,000 new agents for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), despite the fact that it was promised that there would be “no new audits” for Americans whose income was below a certain threshold. Pelosi’s question was directed toward those Republicans who voted against the legislation.

Mother Earth — Mother Earth gets angry from time to time,” Pelosi continued. “And this legislation will help us to address all of that.

Aaron Walker’s response to the situation was to tweet, “So literally faith-based legislation.” Julie Gunlock of WMAL expressed her belief that Nancy Pelosi was “day drinking again.

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Instead of ‘Mother Earth’s anger. Perhaps ‘good Catholics’ Pelosi and Biden should both be a good bit more worried about the wrath of ‘Father God’ … ?” @VRWCTexan added, making a reference to the extreme views held by the two Democrats regarding abortion. “For the love of dad. This is what regression looks like,” actor Mark Pellegrino replied.

We are back to primitive animism here,” Dinesh D’Souza argued. “The ship sank because the ocean was in a bad mood. Thunder struck because the clouds were having a violent disagreement with each other. Ancient people, however, weren’t dumb enough to think ‘laws’ could change the course of nature.

Wouldn’t some flowers and a box of chocolates be more effective and less expensive?” @MaryForbes14 questioned, referring to the entire situation as a “#ClimateScam.

“#Marxists are only happy when they a wasting other people’s money. Look at Raskin, having a ‘moment,’” @WilkowMajority responded by pointing out.

In a statement shortly prior to the bill’s passage in the House, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) voiced his opposition to it. “Today, the majority jams through another spending spree.” According to what he stated, he believes that this is the most tone-deaf measure we’ve seen in this house in the past 230 years. If this law is passed today, it will result in higher costs for Americans on their bills tomorrow.

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