NBC Reporter’s Desperate Attempt to Interpret ‘F Joe Biden’ Chant Results in 3-Word Anthem That’s Going Nationwide

Many Americans don’t know who “Brandon” is. But after a NASCAR event on Saturday, it’s a good bet a lot of them will know pretty soon.

That’s because an NBC reporter’s pathetic attempt to mask the national ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants that have caught on at sporting and entertainment venues across America turned into an amusing bit of ‘intentionally mishearing’ during the national broadcast:

As Brandon Brown gushed about his Talladega win, the raucous Alabama crowd delivered a message to NBC’s listeners: ‘F*** Joe Biden.’

The NBC reporter engaged in a desperate bit of damage control, explaining to the listeners that they were actually chants of ‘Let’s go Brandon!’

Fake news, much? It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral, as Jewish Deplorable snagged it and set it free on the Interwebs. The reaction is a thing of beauty:

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The “Let’s go, Brandon!” memes are endless by now. Brandon Brown’s ballad at Talladega has caught on in the midst of a surge of ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants that are sure to only get worse for the Biden administration.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden was booed at the Congressional baseball game.

Joe Biden will likely be haunted by ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants the rest of his presidency. “Let’s go, Brandon!” may become the more polite rally ‘inside joke’ for those who don’t want to put their kids in earmuffs – as a certain NBC reporter needed on Saturday.

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