Netflix: Another Case of “Go Woke, Go Broke.”

The programming agenda that Netflix is currently running, whose ideology is out as openly left-wing, has ended up scaring away around 430,000 subscribers of its streaming platform in the second quarter of 2021, between the United States and Canada alone.

An exodus of subscribers that, among other factors, has increased in part due to its ideological content, which seems to be taking up more and more space everywhere we look. An example of this would be the participation of former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in the development of productions for this company.

This is because the former White House tenants, Michelle and Barack Obama, are pointing to children and how children should they think about government and civic engagement. To do this, they are creating an animated Netflix series with musical performances by artists such as Adam Lambert, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Janelle Monáe.

The couple announced that they are turning the novel Exit West, which deals with migration and refugees, into a movie for Netflix. This would-be part of their overall businesses with the platform, according to Breibart.

The adventure that the Obamas are about to start, adds to the series of “woke” content that has taken more and more spaces on this platform. An example that was known previously was that of the society that formed the streaming platform with the left-wing academic and defender of “anti-racism”, Ibram X. Kendi, to bring to the screen three of his books on Critical Race Theory (CRT).

In January, Netflix announced that it would adapt three Kendi books into animated series, including Antiracist Baby, which is aimed at preschoolers and will consist of a series of short animated music videos to teach children and their caregivers about the anti-racism (an word Kendi uses for anti-white behavior). However, judging by the company’s rampage on the stock market, this plan has not been successful.

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With Wall Street viewing subscriptions as the key indicator of a company’s financial health, the lowering of subscribers in the “red N” chain shows a problem for the company’s future cash flow. Even the Financial Times was more dramatic in its description, announcing in a headline that “Netflix bleeds subscribers in the US and Canada with no signs of recovery”

In turn, price is a crucial part of users’ choice, above all, because it is no longer worth the cost, since by presenting itself as a platform with biased content, it lacks variety in that same content.

Thus, the Financial Times added that the California-based company has disappointed investors, as analysts had predicted that Netflix would add 5.9 million subscribers during the third quarter. However, so far, the projection does not exceed 3.5 million.


But the company has not recognized its role in the decline, which has become more than evident. Rather, Netflix blamed the loss of subscribers on seasonality and the large size of its North American customer base.

In a letter to his shareholders, he attributed the downgrade to the fact that “COVID has created some ups and downs in our membership growth.” Likewise, he alleged that the contrast is marked this year compared to the previous one, given that in 2020 many people were confined and therefore watched more Netflix.

On the other hand, Netflix’s partisanship is not limited to its content, its resources also go to political campaigns. In fact, the co-CEO of this platform, Reed Hastings, was the largest donor in May of this year to endorse the Democratic governor of California.

According to Politico, Hastings made a donation of three million dollars to Governor Gavin Newsom to protect him from an attempt by the Republican Party to regain the governorship, after 15 years out of it. In turn, both he and Co-CEO Ted Sarandos endorsed Joe Biden’s candidacy for the White House.

The politicization of the platform is costing them more users every day. In a recent survey, a third of subscribers are planning to cancel services. Among respondents looking to cancel their streaming services, 46% said Netflix will be canceled, according to Breitbart.

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